Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Breakdown

Some links to get you past the Thanksgiving's a long one, so feel free to come back to finish up.

In no particular order:

*Although premature, you still have to weigh your loss if you're Cleveland. If LeBron James is leaving town, you HAVE to get something in return....So what will that be? TrueHoop's Henry Abbott and ESPN's David Thorpe make a few possible trade scenario's for the king.

*Thanks to Hayden for bringing this to my attention...A very unique coaching tactic this past week, in the college ranks. They decided to double team Stephen Curry, even without the ball, not letting him touch it the whole game, going 4 on 3 against the rest of the squad. Well, that didn't work at all.

*Ken Berger at, on LeBron's NYC visit, and a possible upcoming strike in the NBA.

*HoopsHype exclusive video interviews with OJ Mayo, and TJ Ford.

*Former NBA Coach Eric Mussleman; Comebacks Begin With Positive Energy. A great read, that really applies to everything in life. Stay positive, and good things happen. Also from Coach Mussleman, explaining that talent alone won't achieve greatness. If you're not as talented, you can still outwork your opponents.

*Two great LeBron commercials. The first from The Howeva Files; Lebron with this stupid hot chick, hilarious stuff. Second, from Ball Don't Lie, a more serious commercial from Nike.

*Some awful NBA stuff from the kings in that territory, Basketbawful. Ron Artest video blogging, and rapping? Just horrible...

*And, the number 1 pick of the 2009 NBA draft will be....Ricky Rubio of Spain?? If you didn't see this guy in the Olympics, you should really check him out. Just abnormally good and mature for his age, and should project very well in the NBA (if he can learn to play some defense and bulk up a bit).

*Saw this on; Allen Iverson skipped Practice and is now out of the starting lineup and fined. Practice?? We talkin bout practice...

*SLAM gives us 50 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

*Anytime Worldwide Wes is in the conversation, I'll be sure to post it. If you don't know who Worldwide Wes is, you're not 'in the know,' and need to get on top of it. Well, Uncle Wes is saying the Knicks are the favorites in the running for his buddy LBJ.

*Steven A Smith talkin Amare Stoudamire, his future free agency, and the Phoenix Suns.

*Finish off with some frequent updates on the Stephon Marbury situation in New York. It's getting old already, and Ken Berger from CBSSports says it should come to a conclusion soon.



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Why is nobody breakin down the game today?