Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Breakdown

* and Power Rankings. Why do I get the feeling that the Celtics and Lakers will remain at the top two spots for the rest of the season?

*This guy's a Knick hater. Loves the moves. We're getting LeBron. These next two years don't matter. End of story.

*This awesome Flash Animation of D'Antoni's system. Pretty simple, it's either the pick n roll, or a backdoor cut. Just do it in 7 seconds or less, try hard, play (some) D, and have fun.

* psyched (!) for tomorrow's Knicks game against the Cavs. I'm urging all the Knick fans to join me in a Le-Bron Ja-mes (clap, clap, clapclapclap) chant. If the whole place starts doing it, then I'm pretty confident that could give us at least a .0001% better chance of landing LeBron, and that means it's worth it! Chris Sheridan at ESPN gives us a little preview of tomorrow night, where King James steps into his future Castle. Sweeeeeet.

*Eddie Jordan lost his team, and then his job. Can't blame Eddie for this; he's one of the best coaches in the league without a doubt. I've been saying it repeatedly, that the Gilbert Arenas signing and then the third surgery, killed the mood of this team. When you give someone $111 Million, you get excited, the city gets excited and everything gets on a little bit of a high. But what goes up, most come down, and this hit the ground in D.C. hard. Saw it coming, especially after two fourth quarter meltdowns, and then a ridiculous loss against the Knicks summer league team (with only 7 players). Eddie will get another job sooner,than later, perhaps even take PJ Carlismo's ex-job in Oklahoma City.

*Gotta love the leadership in Cleveland. It starts from the top, and when I say the top, I mean it really starts with the Spurs. Both Danny Ferry and Mike Brown have roots in San Antonio, and the tradition and mentality they brought with them translated into instant success in Cleveland (well, LeBron James helps too). Mike Brown created a 4-player committee for his team, replacing the more traditional captain or co-captains. I think it's brilliant and it really helps get key information to the coach from the players, and visa versa.


willie said...

He's not a Knick yet. Stay true to your heart not your pocketbook.
Tomorrow, I'll be rooting for the summer leaguers plus Harrington, Cuttino and Tim.