Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Breakdown

*As usual, the Mondaily Power Rankings, both and has Cleveland as #1, much to the distaste of LA and Bostonites. rankings generally fluctuate a lot more, and that holds true this week as well. At, it's the bottom of the rankings that are a little surprising, with the Bucks making it to 17th in the league (no idea why), and the Nets moving up to 19th, after 3 brilliant Devin Harris 30 pointers in a row. An interesting note on OJ Mayo, Mayo's 210 points in his first 10 NBA games can be beat by only two active players: Shaq (238) and AI (224).

Forum Blue and Gold, telling Phil Jackson, it's time to change the mix.

*The circus is in town, so the Bulls are on the road. Blog-a-Bull's got some issues going into the tough road trip, especially the play of the bigs.

*InsideHoops with an exclusive Richard Jefferson interview. Not really sure why they made that move, considering the already have a pretty good wing man in Michael Redd, and clearly some front court issues. He was confused too, and wasn't too excited about leaving. Now, RJ's saying he was just homesick.

*Exclusive interviews with Randy Foye and Randy Wittman on HoopsHype. Props to them for asking the tough questions! Randy's been battling for more minutes, but he definitely says the right thing when talking about Wittman being in the hot seat.

*That Devin Harris for JKidd trade is looking pretty good for the Nets right now. Granted, they're still a free agent signing in 2010 to compete, but Harris is playing out of his mind right now. Three, 30 point games in a row...? Low turnovers, great %'s (especially free throws), moving the ball around, and court leadership. Dime Magazine says the Mavs would be better if they had Harris.

*Staying with Dime. I couldn't help myself but post this. (Not safe the for more traditional working environments). Huge Bobcats fan here.