Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

Better late than never...some quick hits:

*Lil Weezy, breakin' it deezy at ESPN Magazine.

*Dime Mag, with the latest on the Nets move to Brooklyn (or lack of move).

*ProBasketballNews.com, via TrueHoop on Sam Cassell and his unusually large and consistently loud mouth.

*Real GM, bundling Chris Mullin and Monta Ellis into one package.

*Pete Newell passed way. Honestly, no clue who he was, but he was certainly loved because everyone and their grandmothers are writing about how important Pete was to the game, and to each individual. Forum Blue and Gold collected the info for us.

*Last but not least, Ball Don't Lie giving us...

5 Year Old Girl Basketball Star - Basketball Training


Anonymous said...

that girl was incredible


David said...

The link on the nets article was broken. Re-post ?