Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Breakdown

*Up and coming Rookie Kevin Love has a blog on He talks a lot about facing Tim Duncan, and how respectful is he is towards Timmy's game.

He hit a 15-footer off the glass and I was running up the court and said 'Man, what can I do about that?' Well young fella, you can't do much about that, to be honest with you. He's as good as advertised.

K-Love is destined to start for this team, and i suspect they'll make the change sometime soon. Against the Spurs, he started both the second quarter, and second half.

*A side by side comparison of LB and D'Antoni, in regards to their time in NYC. It's amazing how both coaches are effective in their owns ways. with David Lee:

Coach [Brown] is very, very hard on rookies, at times overwhelmingly difficult on rookies, mentally and physically," said Knicks forward David Lee, who played for Brown as a rookie. "But in the end, you come out afterwards, see where he was going with it, and say, 'Man, that guy taught me a lot.'

Terry Porter kept his promise that the Suns pace would change and we would see less offensive out of his team.

The Suns, meanwhile, have slowed things down under coach Terry Porter. They rank 22nd in pace thus far, averaging 88.6 possessions per game. This comes after averaging more than 95 possessions per game in each of D'Antoni's four full seasons in Phoenix