Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breakin' Down the Fantasy Week

No 2-gamers or 5-gamers this week. Most teams have 3 games this week. The teams that have 4 are: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, LA, LA, Milkuakee, OKC, Portland, Sactown, Toronto, Utah and Washington.

Notes from around the league:

*Jason Richardson had a minor procedure that should keep him out this week.

*Michael Redd, Al Harrington, Shawn Marion (who did play yesterday), and Deron Williams are all considered Day-2-Day, so start at your own risk.

*Anderson Varejao has been getting a lot of minutes, but with Z and Big Ben both playing well, all three are sharing the Fantasy love.

*In Detroit, Tashawn Prince is playing a lot of the point-forward and that has increased his assist totals, and also averaging one 3-pointer a game.

*Because of the injuries to Manu and Tony Parker, George Hill and Roger Mason are both playing a lot of minutes.

*With Mike Dunleavy still out, the production has come from Marquis Daniels. He's very inconsistent, so it's a roll of the dice.

*Mo Evans and Marvin Williams are both getting increased minutes with Josh Smith out. Both are performing well and valuable in deep leagues.

*Rafer Alson was in danger of losing his job before the suspension. Now Aaron Brooks is starting 2 games, and has been playing well all season. Position battle to keep your eye on.

*In OKC, Russell Westbrook is playing a very mature game for his age. I suspect they'll give him a lot of run and let him learn, being the prospective point guard for that team in the future. That means good stats for the most part, but low FG% and high TO.

*No one really stepped up to take the center spot in Washington, so JaVale McGee's recent play has definitely earned him some run. Has been very good with FG% and Blocks, for his obvious gravity-defying abilities.

*Robin Lopez has taking the starting spot from Josh Boone while Boone is injured. After one spectacular game, he had a less than mediocre one.


David said...

Tough fantasy week..Watch Thaddeus Young. Guy score 23 and 25 in his last two games. Break out or just good games?

Anonymous said...

"Jason Richardson had a minor procedure that should keep him out this week."

I consider getting a gerbil removed from ur butt a little more than "minor"

D.Miz said...

I'd be really interested to see Thad Young's shot chart. If it's point in the paint he's getting, i don't think it projects well on this team. If it's outside shooting, then definitely they'll keep using him.

As for the gerbil comment....

If I'm getting random comments like this...that's great! We're making it to the big time! Next maybe we'll get some foul mouth racist i need to block from commenting. Yea!!!!