Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Breakdown

A few links to get you by for the weekend:

*The people of Philadelphia just aren't feeling this team, reports SLAM online. They needed to get off to a hot start, and win the town over with the Elton Brand signing, but it didn't happen. They're looking to do okay, but Philadelphia was expecting more. After all, the focus for the fans went to Elton Brand, who isn't exactly up there with Allen Iverson on the excitement chart. Andre Iguodala was getting there, but he's been bashful this season, trying to fit in around Brand.

* breaks down the poor shooting of Allen Iverson. Last night was an exception, where he shot the ball abnormally well, and it lead to a victory of the undefeated Lakers. But this doesn't happen often on Iverson teams. What usually happens is Iverson is the center of the offense, and he forces the defense to get out of position, by using his speed to create chaos. That's how an "Iverson team" functions on offesnse, and either he doesn't understand Detroit doesn't' work like that, or Detroit is slowly adapting to play with Allen. It looks like a mix of both right now, with AI able to finish some plays, and also AI running frantic confusing the defense.

* nominates Jerry Sloan for President in 2012.

* blaming the Southwest Division for the Western Conference's fall from superiority. This is why you don't' change the seeding format when all of a sudden one conference is much better than the other. It will eventually balance out, since that makes some really good players want to play in a weaker conference, or Eastern teams making trades for stronger guys since the competition is weaker than normal.

*An article by Andrew Katz of Dime, detailing the sob sessions of Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton when they found out of the trade. I dunno, I just don't agree with NBA players letting everyone know about crying with another guy. I'm not saying don't do it, but damn, keep that close to the chest. Ya wussies.

*Another 'Garbage Time All-Stars' Comic Strip for Ball Don't Lie. This time with a clever comparison of Glibert Arenas and Josh Childress. Stillllll don't' think a big name player wouldn't enjoy more money, an easier schedule, and being the superstar of European basketball??

*TrueHoop writes about an interview with Shaquille O'Neal where he says with conviction that Phil Jackson was the mastermind between the Kobe/Shaq feuds that led to 3 championships. Makes sense I guess. Why didn't Phil, with his zen-like, peace making ways, put Kobe and Shaq in the same room and work it out? Not one time? Interesting...

*Last but certainly not least, a few super high quality links all from ex-NBA Coach Eric Musselman's blog. Making sure players know their roles. Holding every player to the same standard. Keys to offensive officiency, and using the Utah Jazz as the example.