Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Live From The Garden: Knicks -v- LeBr....er, Cavs

I thought it'd be a high scoring game tonight for the Cavs, since D'Antoni's offense features a ton of possessions, the Knicks were having 3 new players join the team, and LeBron wanted to show off in NYC. I also thought LeBron would lead the way, scoring 50 or more. I was right about the first, and for one of the best offenses in the league (#1 actually, on Monday) they hit their highest total of the season. LeBron was held to only 30 minutes, and when I say held, I mean he was held back from going out and doing more damage to the Knicks.

One of the highlights of the night was during the national anthem when I heard a few fans change the ending, from "Home, of the, brave;" It was, "Home of LeBron, James." Brilliant, really. Loved it. When they announced LeBron, half the place got up. If only it wasn't such a boring game...

So the first quarter starts and it was the Cavs jumping out to the early lead, led by James' 11 points. The tension was rising fast, as the calls were a little one-sided for the hyped up Cavs. Pretty easy proof of this with a horrible non-call on a LeBron James block. Should have been a goal-tend. Nate Robinson tried to get a little flashy and pull the New York fans back to the Knicks side with a bigggg dunk attempt over James, but the ball slipped and he couldn't finish. The first quarter ended with a hefty lead, but nothing close to whats to come. 34-21 Cavs after one.

Cavs started the second quarter with LeBron on the bench and took a big lead immediately, making it 42-22 with more than 10 minutes left in the quarter. The Knicks were slowing working in Al Harrington and Tim Thomas, while the third newbie Cuttino Mobley was still undergoing physicals and didn't dress. Harrington had a couple of nice plays (5), but finished with a lot more bad ones (11). Tim Thomas looked horrible on some plays, but finished with 16 points, hitting 4 from downtown and a couple of late 3's that...whatever, it was over. Late in the second, Nate Robinson took a nasty fall, and left the game with a strained groin. Groin injuries are no bueno. Losing Nate for any amount of time would be a huge blow for the Knicks, since he's been their most consistent player this year.

It got worse and worse, with the lead going up to 34 points. It was 95-66 after 3, and we didn't get to see LeBron for the rest of the night. He finished with a sweasy (so-easy) 26 points. The crowd wasn't into the game at all, and with good reason, it was over so quickly. On top of that, LeBron never went off, except for one dunk, but it was too little too late. The crowd wanted something to go bananas about, but it just got too boring, and then LeBron didn't even see any PT in the fourth.

As usual, it was a star studded night at the Garden, featuring Jay-Z and Beyonce, Spike Lee of course, some Jets getting a huge applause, and then Plaxico Burress and crew came on the big screen, with Plax pointing to his ring finger, and flashing two fingers up, implying that he's about to get a second ring. Cant' wait for the media to get a hold of that one, and start accusing Plaxico of predicting back to back championships. That's just one more thing LeBron gets to look forward to when he moves here in 2010!

The night didn't exactly go as planned, but it was fun nonetheless. Seeing LeBron in person is always exciting, and the Cavs have quickly turned into one of the most dominate teams int he league, probably only being topped by the Lakers and Celtics and not even by much.

CAVS 119, KNICKS 101


willie said...

That tomahawk slam by Lebron off a feed from Delonte,, Ouch,,!!
Should make top 10 dunks on Espn.

That was the hi light of the night.
And what about those 2 dogs at halftime, frisbee world champs,, shsish,,
like the knicks they dogged it also, kept missing all night like the knicks, bow wow..


David said...

I have seen those dogs before. They are unreal...

Anonymous said...


I heard you know a lot of dogs..

woof woof..


David said...


David said...

The Cavs are more exciting than any other team bc of Lebron.

Its the same way the Atlanta Falcons were the most fun team to watch with Vick.

D.Miz said...

Ugh, it's true, the dogs and the acrobats were the best part of last night. Oh, and the fact that our friend moved me and my buddy down to like the 13th row behind the knicks bench (sweet).

Lets chalk that up to first day on the job for Al (who looked decent but shot horrible) and Tim (who shot well, but only when it didn't matter).

Also, we definitely needed another guard out there, so hopefully Cuttino can produce 75% what Jamal did.

LeBron is a monster.

Anonymous said...

you know how lwbron gothis name? true story..

his mom had a chrysler LeBaron and the A fell off..

true, you can look it up..

David said...

even tho that was written by anonymous..i think i know that sense of humor...