Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Breakdown

* Week 5 of the Power Rankings, from both and The Nets are on everyone's radar at this point, playing fantastic with Devin Harris leading the show. Portland, Orlando and Denver are all moving up the rankings. It's funny to see both of these powerhouse sports websites still disagreeing on who's #1.

*Stephon Marbury has been banished from the Knicks, reports's Chris Sheridan. Ken Berger at CBSSports says, It's officially ridiculous.

*There was a time when MJ considered NY too, says

*Derrick Rose breakin Andre Miller's ankles....ouch, via Ball Don't Lie. Staying with BDL, an exclusive interview with one of the best, hottest, young players in the NBA, Danny Granger.

*Haven't quite figured out what they're trying to say in this video at Dime Mag. Basically another MJ vs Kobe video, but lets get serious, no way Kobe can reach Michael status now that he has TWO quality big men, right??? I don't care how many rings he gets at this point, it's not worthy to compare.

*Real GM reports that one of our favorite bloggers, X-Coach Eric Mussleman, wants back into the NBA.

*Amare Stoudamire is a lil jealous of D-Wade, LeBron and co, reports SLAM. Also from SLAM, Michael Beasley is okay with the sixth man role for the time being.

*The Mavs have quit on the Princeton offense, reports Why do i feel like Dirk Nowitzki is always whining, complaining and sounding like a wuss? I just can't help feeling that way about him...sorry.


willie said...

just when you thought the knicks would be competitive in 2008/2009 with a new coach, a new gm, and a new " attitude" they go and pull an "isiah" (new slang word for a total cluster
f-ck). They trade their 2 best players in lieu of a 2 year wait for Lebron or Bosh or Amare, or Wade. Key Word , "In lieu". The nba is about winning, and any player that is a free agent will look to go to win a ring before their careers are up. a la, garnett, and allen last year. Whats the lure here, for those superstars,? a knick uniform, a starting spot on the ny knicks? a home called madison square garden,, all garbage if u cant get a ring. u need to surround yourself with winners a supporting staff and a great management team, none of which i see here in ny,, Now i have to sit thru a "marbury" fiasco on top of all this? dam, i want my money back, (season ticket holder). this is not what i bargained for...Take this marbury incident as the latest fiasco, sit him, sit him sit, berate ,berate, berate him, now go and ask him to play for u cause u have no one else? great ,just great planning on walsh's and dantoni's behalf. u alienate your your team against the guy when he refuses to play, u completely emasculate the guy , u let him poison the locker room. what else can u do to screw this up? i know, bring back isiah,, at least we can expect this craziness from him, but not from these 2 handpicked nba "geniuses".dam, I'm frustrated, and embarrassed to be a knick fan today.. i can only hope that in my life time i get to see this storied franchise come back to its glory past, a la, the 69 and 72 teams.. sincerely,
hey willie