Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Wake 'n Break

*The Nets lost again at home, this time, getting blown out by the Suns. The Suns shooters were hot early, making the game easy for the guys in the middle, Amare and Shaq. Raja Bell hit all 6 of his 3-point attempts, and allowed the starters to rest most of the fourth quarter. Good thing, because I know we all wanted to see the Lopez vs Lopez matchup (well, probably only me). Another awful night from Devin Harris, who has yet to live up to his preseason hype, going 2-11 from the field with 3 turnovers, while getting his shot blocked 4 times. For the Nets to have a respectable team on the court, they’ll need Devin Harris to be playing well, since Vince isn’t enough by himself. The fourth quarter was a total mess for New Jersey, getting outscored 22 to 9.

*Instant Reply solves all of our problems! Maybe not, but it was nice to see them go to the cameras for a key play at the end of the fourth quarter. Celtics vs. Rockets, possible Finals matchup? Yao got 3 fouls early, and that seemed to never let him get his stride, going 4-14 overall, and not getting one foul shot attempt. Ron Artest had an even worse night, going 3-16 (hitting 3 of his 10 attempt from deep). Add to that, the 1 for 6, 4 point game from starting point guard Rafer Alston, and it should be an easy win for the Celtics. However, that didn’t happen. The game was close until about 1 minute left, when Kevin Garnett extended the lead to 5, making the rest of the contest a free throw shootout, until the questionable 3-point foul on T-Mac that required an instant reply review. He wound up getting the game within 2 points, with 10 seconds left, but the free throw shooting of Eddie House in the clutch, sealed the deal. The Celtics played well, but with the poor production from the Rocket starters, they should have won by more. To me, this means what I already thought, that the Rockets are for real. No way, in a 7-game series, does Yao, Rafer and Artest have 4 awful games like tonight.

*JKidd almost got a triple double, with 9-8-10, and one pass that is sure to make a top ten list somewhere tonight. Jason Terry got the start, and made the most of it, getting 29 points and 6 assists. Dirk with the big shots to put it away in the fourth quarter, capping a 30 point game. Dallas had good control over this game, on the boards, and in shooting percentage. It’s clear the Spurs need Manu back as soon as possible. Tony Parker got 22 points tonight, but only 3 assists. The San Antonio Spurs are 0-3, their worst start in 35 years! San Antonio, we have a problem. Maybe they should take notes from Joe D and start rebuilding. We know they have one of the best trio’s in the game, but it ends there, and that’s not enough to make a run for a championship, especially against teams like the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets.


David said...

Everyone thought Kidd was washed up..Not even close. The guy gets no respect because he always plays for small market teams. If he played for the Knicks, the guy would have a statue outside the Garden.

Besides Magic, can't really think of a more complete player in regards to assists/boards over their career

D.Miz said...

Have you heard of LeBron James, or Oscar Robertson? Not really that famous, so you might not have heard of them.

David said...

I have heard of Oscar, but that was so long ago he doesn't count. same defense u made with Wilt the other day. Oscar actually avg'ed a triple double one yr..and Wilt lead the league in assists one year..But impossible to compare different generations

Lebron career averaged 7 and 7

Kidd averaged 7 and 9..

David said...

Just for arguments sake I looked up Oscar's height..He was 6'5 and led the league in rebounds per game 6 diff years. What 6'5 guy is gonna lead the league in rebounding today..Raja Bell?

D.Miz said...

Yea, but how fair is it to say, "the more complete player, only in regards to assists/rebounds" ?

What's so complete about that?

J.Kidd has 2 more assists per game over his career than LeBron, and LeBron has 13 more points. They're even in rebounding.

So....who's the more complete player?

David said...

I dont care--both on my fantasy