Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Breakdown

*As usual, the weekly, 'Mondaily,' Power Rankings. Both at and First and second place are easy, with the Lakers and Celtics holding those spots down. You can argue which one should be first (as NBA/ESPN can't agree either), but it doesn't matter. They're both sick. Lakers are 1st in defensive efficiency, and 2nd in offensive efficiency (wow). Celtics just got off an impressive road win in Houston, and another spoiling AI's debut in Detroit. The big surprise on the rankings, is who has at #3. Check it out.

*Amare is really, really good. The Rising Suns, breaks it down.

*Ken Berger from Newsday, on Jerry Sloan. "Think about that. One thousand wins in 20 years with the Jazz. There have been 219 coaching changes in the NBA since Sloan was hired Dec. 9, 1988 - 12 of them, or 5.5 percent, here at the Garden"

*Forum Blue and Gold, with a great breakdown of the Laker's Shot selection.

*A lot of good stuff in ESPN's weekend dime. Talk of where LeBron will land in 2010. Lil interview action with Paul Pierce. Reviewing the trades of recent. "I, for one, consider this to be the most epic run of trades, in a two-year span, that we've ever seen." It's been pretty unbelievable. Quick review...going back to Dec 12th when AI was traded to the Nuggets...KG and Ray Allen get traded to the Celtics over the summer of 07. The following February, we see Pau, Shaq and JKidd move around. Then capping the 2 years (and maybe we're not done yet!), back to AI packing his bags for Detroit. The excitement won't stop at the trade level, this summer we'll see players like Carlos Boozer sign with different teams. The following summer? Don't get me started. Just let me get LeBron in a Knicks jersey, D.Wade in a Nets jersey, and I'll settle for Dirk, Amare, and Chris Bosh all rockin' outfits of your choosing.

*The last time I saw Dirk make a kid cry, it was my buddy Bert during the '06 Finals...