Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are you SURE it's a contest?

Brought to you by the Kung Fu Balla, D.A.

con·test n. 1. A struggle for superiority or victory between rivals

If there is one thing I don't understand about the NBA, it's how all the diva NBA players in their heads think they are the best dunkers in the NBA, but for some reason they won't have a show-down in the NBA slam dunk contest.

The contest used to be exactly what it states, a contest, the goal of which was to be the called the best dunker in the NBA. Dominique Wilkins participated in 5 of them, Shawn Kemp did 4 of them, and Jordan did 3 of them.

The three best dunkers in the NBA today, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James have competed in a total of 2 contests. Who knows their reasons; injury risk, wanting to give younger guys a chance, too scared of losing. Regardless, they need to overcome these reasons while they are all still in their prime and put on a show for NBA fans.

Today, the contest is pointless; the participants don't act like they care. How could they care with Kobe sitting on the sidelines at the NBA all star game? The contestants all know that Kobe could take a ball, while wearing his suit and holding his video camera, and do 360 windmill dunk that would instantly proclaim him slam dunk champion.

Kobe, Vince, Lebron--grow up and get over your fear of looking stupid on national TV. Put on the contest that will go down in history. Do it now, because in a few years your dunks won't be as good, and you'll just be a retired player on the sidelines talking about how you thought you were the best dunker of your era.

Here's a few oldie but goodies for your enjoyment:


D.Miz said...

Yea, but dude...Dwight Howard is a total monster, and he's in the Dunk Contest. Josh Smith, same, and Nate Robinson...clearly has hops!

David said...

Not in the same league tho..

Eddie Curry is entering this years

Maurice said...

The league should actively recruit at least one major star that is a top dunker, eith D Wade, VC, LeBron, or Kobe. It'd be great if VC came back after all these years