Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

*I still don't know if this pic is real or not. Is it the angle? Or...is it photoshopped? Is photoshop a verb? Let me know what you think. If it's real, holy crap. That's insane.

*Hardwood Paroxysm, comparing OJ Mayo to the Sun God, Ra. I thought he'd win Rookie of the Year, not exactly Sun God status, but that's cool with me. OJ had 33 points last night, one game after going for 31 points. Last night he got 19 in just the fourth quarter. I don't think Derrick Rose is going to get 19 points in a single quarter ever in his career. 19 points in a quarter shows very impressive offensive ability. Flip side is...he could just wind up being the next Ben Gordon.

*Ball Don't Lie has a nice comparison of Kevin Pritchard (GM for the Blazers) and Otis Smith (GM for the Magic). Basically, because K-Pritch didn't do a bonehead move like give Rashard Lewis $122 Million (!), he's in better shape. Check out ow much of a crutch that is towards their salary cap, at HoopsHype.com. For what? So far this year, they're getting 16 points and 7 boards. That is NOT max money at all. Even Dwight Howard is getting $4 Mil less per year.

*Things are on the up in Denver. Pickaxe and Roll is loving the attitude and perseverance of his team. "The point is there are athletes in every sport who look for a reason to take the easy way out. They may not walk away, but they find an excuse to simply collect their paycheck even though they are not giving it their all every time they step on the court." Through the Camby trade, missing the playoffs, etc, they are still giving it their all, and got a early Xmas present in Chauncey Billups for their effort.

*Lot of talk about where Antonio McDyess is going sign. The odds are in favor that he re-signs with Detroit, as he originally said he'd play no where else. But Dyess wants some Ice, and he might go to whoever could get him a ring. San Antonio could use some help. Boston loves the veteran add-ons. Cleveland probably just doesn't want him signing elsewhere, and there's more. Dyess is way past his prime but is a good teammate, good basketball IQ, and could be a glue guy on a championship team.


James said...

Photoshopped as hell!!!!