Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Wake n Break

*Contenders or pretenders? Thats the question for both the Sixers and the Magic, who battled each other on Thursday night. Both big men, had small games, while Hedo and Rashard Lewis were responsible for most of the scoring for the Magic, netting 20 each. Again we see the Sixer's recipe for disaster. Elton Brand only got up 8 shots, hitting 3 of those, and the team overall went 37% from the field. Thad Young was a bright spot for the Sixers, with 19 points, but it wasn't enough. Jameer Nelson had a nice game, getting 16 points, 9 assists, 3 steals, on 50% fg and 100% ft. There was a monster dunk for the Magic, and funny enough, this time it wasn't Dwight Howard, but Mickael Pietrus flying high.

*The hero of the Blazers-Rockets game in Portland was Yao Ming after hitting clutch free-throws in the end to go up by 1, with only .8 seconds left in OT. Oh, wait, this just in, the .8 was enough for Brandon Roy to launch a 30-footer and take the victory?? Said Roy, "I was so disappointed with myself over that foul I just told Steve [Blake] to give me a chance to make up for it." There was a boost in scoring and emotion when Rudy Fernandez came off the bench for 5 quick points, 2 of which made Brent Barry look like he was in slow motion. T-Mac had 30 for the night, but that didn't make up for another awful night from Yao, going 4-13 from the field. There's been little excitement in Portland since Oden went down (again), but the Blazers reminded their fans tonight why they are one of the most exciting teams in the league.


David said...

How did phili expect to win with Andre Miller taking 24 shots from the floor (only made 7).

What kinda strategy is that.

D.Miz said...

I'm telling you man. The Sixers are pretenders. Looks good on paper, but every time they dish the ball inside, the D doubles him up and makes him move the ball. Who's he moving the ball to? Athletes that want to drive to the hoop! But there's no place for them to go, if EB and Dalembert are cloggin the lane. No bueno for the Sixers. Stefanksi might want to start trying to get a shooter on board.

Rashard Lewis had the same thoughts, only he's more surprised than me!

"He only finished with six points, I think that's a shock," Lewis said. "It's a lot of credit to my teammates, they came on the double team early, made him move the ball around."

Anonymous said...

Well the answer isn't Andre Miller taking all those shots..They need those supporting guys like Lakers had Rick Fox/Derek Fisher/Horry/Devean George..Guys who can hit the outside jumpers but dont do much else..