Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smuve J's Thursday Wake n Break

I wasn't able to do the Wake n Break this morning, so special thanks to Smuve J for steppin it up and gettin this out for ya'll.

-The Pacers put up 38 points in the 1st quarter, but it seems they peaked too early. AMARE IS AN ANIMAL. He went 17 for 21 from the field to score 49 points while pulling down 10 boards and an unlikely 5 steals. Diaw was the second-leading scorer for the Suns with 14. Shaq had a whale of a game with 3 points. TJ Ford and Danny Granger both scored 23 point for the Pacers, but that was not enough in the end. Phoenix 113, Indiana 103

-AI remained on the sidelines, but Tayshawn Prince carried the load with 27 points. This was a tough battle of two undefeated teams, and both sides battled hard until the very end. Both of these teams will be around come playoff time. Rip contributed 23 for the Pistons. Bosh added his usual double-double of 26 and 13, and one of the more underrated point guards in the game Calderon scored 24 while dishing 8 dimes. In a battle for the BEST number 1 picks EVER, Kwame Brown scored 3 points while Bargnani added 12. Detroit remains undefeated at 4-0. Detroit 100, Toronto 93

-Michael Beasley did not have to wait long to show everyone why he was a top pick in this year's draft. This game was not even close, with the Heat leading by 20 plus for a significant amount of time. D-Wade had a very solid game with 29 points, 7 boards, 6 dimes, 5 steals and 3 blocks. Beasley added 17 and 9. Thaddeus Young led the 76ers with 19. Would have been nice if Elton Brand showed up. Miami 106, Philadelphia 83

-There is nothing but love for Larry Brown in NYC, he was thoroughly booed in the Garden last night. But do not fret, the Knicks WON! Let's keep the joy contained, they did beat the Bobcats. But Knick fans should be excited, there was a Zack Randolph sighting in the Garden, and he scored 25 and 13. Nasty Nate scored 24 off the bench, while shooting 5 for 5 from behind the line. All 5 Bobcat starters scored in double figures. Oh, and His Airness was in attendance and received a standing ovation. New York 101, Charlotte 98

Editors Note: My summary for the NY game would have been much shorter. Very simple: Michael was in the house. Does anything else matter?

-Who would have thought the Hawks and Hornets would face and both be undefeated! Well the Hornets yes but the Hawks not so much. The difference in the game was 3-point shooting, with Joe Johnson leading the way with 24 points. The Hawks shot 40% from behind the arc. CP3 had his usual 22 and 11. David West had a respectable game adding 15. Who would have thought the Hawks would be 3-0! Atlanta 87, New Orleans 79

-It is official, King James needs to have his DNA analyzed, because this man was not birthed on this planet. He hurt his ankle on an alley-oop in the first quarter, but stayed in the game and showed no signs of injury. He finished with 41 points and 9 boards. Rookie D-Rose had 20 and 7, while erratic Ben Gordan scored 31 off the bench. Unfortunately this was not enough to overtake the Cavs. Cleveland 107, Chicago 93

-This game went to overtime and was somewhat of a thriller. Caron Butler led the Wiz with 27 and 7, while Twan added 19 and 10. Richard Jefferson had a monster game with 32, which on any other night would have been great but compared to what others have done pales in comparison. Wiz remain winless while the Bucks improve to 3-2. Milwaukee 112, Washington 104

-This was the best game of the night, hands down! First of all, it went to 2 overtimes, and some of the stats will blow your mind. San Antonio scored almost 130 points. Al Jefferson had 30 and 14, and this was not enough for the Wolves to pull it out. The Spurs got the steady and ready Timmy to score 30 and 14. The real story had to be Tony Parker. He had 55 points. Let me repeat, Parker had 55 points, 10 dimes, and 7 boards. If he is not considered one of the best point guards in the league people are simply out of their minds. Spurs win in dramatic come from behind fashion and earn their first victory of the season. San Antonio 129, Minnesota 125

-The Thunder are a young team that is looking to put it all together. Unfortunately they had to face the defending NBA champions. Kevin Durant did his best in 32 mins with 17 points. The Big 3 combined for 55, and easily beat the Thunder. Boston 96, Oklahoma City 83

-The Jazz remain under the radar early in the season, mainly due to the fact that their star point guard Deron Williams is injured. Not to fear, they faced the Oden-less Blazers and had very little difficulty handing the Blazers another defeat. Boozer and Okur combined for 42, while AK-47 and Paul Millsap added 27 points off the bench. Utah 103, Portland 96

-Sacramento earned their first win of the season, on the back of K-Mart with 33. Rookie OJ Mayo scored 28, but did not get even 1 assist. Sacramento 100, Memphis 95

-This game looked like a blow-out early. Denver scored 35 in the first quarter, but the Warriors do know how to battle back. With Stephen Jackson leading the way with 29 and the help of their bench, the Warriors defeated the Nuggets. Melo did his best by scoring 28, but this was simply not enough. With the arrival of Chauncey later this week, this team should improve and be able to beat teams like the Warriors. Golden State 111, Denver 101

-It is early, but are the Lakers on a mission? They look like the best team in the league early in the season with Bynum back in the line-up. Every game seems to be a statement that the team is making. Atoning for their lost in the finals, they defeated the Clippers by 18 last night. Kobe had another solid game, while the Lakers as a whole are moving on all cylinders. The starting line-up is producing, as well as Lamar Odom coming off the bench with the second unit scoring 15. B Davis gave the Clips 17 and 7, while second-year player Al Thornton led the team with 22 and 5 boards. Lakers remain undefeated and the NBA is going to be in trouble. LA Lakers 106, LA Clippers 88


InsideHoops said...

Good blog. Keep it up. And as for sites you frequent, hit daily - we're professional reporters who cover the NBA for a living and the site is a must-read daily. Enjoy

David said...

I actually went to Bobcats/Knicks game with Jordan there. It was incredible the energy that he created by being there..Any time a big play people looking over to see his reaction...Turned out to be sick game..David Lee 0.1 tip in..

D.Miz said...

Of course I'm hitting up Inside Hoops! Thanks so much for stopping by!

I totally hear that on Michael. Who else comes into the Garden, from an opposing team, and gets a Standing O like that? Not just that, but bringing along Chris Rock, Candace Parker, Charles Oakley, Ahmad Rashad, etc, etc. ???? I should stop, I got such a man-crush on this guy.