Friday, November 21, 2008


6pm, Final Update:

The Knicks just traded away their two best players and scorers, and I couldn't be any more excited.

It looks like the second deal will also go down today, clearing 27 Million off the books on the 2010 cap, paving the way to pick up one of the super free agents in 2010. While this team is surely not going to impress anyone in New York for probably two years, this gives us the best chance for a championship, since we weren't going to get one this year or next.

For more on the deal: TNT's David Aldridge. LA Times. Daily News.

Funny enough, my original Trade Machine post was the one that actually went down!

Have a great weekend, and, of course: LE-BRON JA-MES, CLAP, CLAP, CLAPCLAPCLAP


5:15pm Update:

We have confirmation on the second trade, via LA Times. Cuttino doesn't sound happy about the trade, but that didn't stop me from picking him up on my Fantasy team right away!! There's a hole at the 2 and Cuttino, it's waiting for you!


4:30pm Update:

Frank Isola, whom I'm sure you've seen on NBAtv and writes for the Daily news, reports that the Z-Bo for Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas trade is done (!!).


2pm Update:

It's a done deal. Crawford and Al Harrington are switching teams, a one for one trade. Here's how it looks in the Trade Machine. Here's ESPN's take on it.

However! There are Rumors that this is just the beginning of the trading for Donnie Walsh and the NY Knicks. We'll keep updating, so stay tuned!

I spoke with Ken Berger at Newsday, and he said it's a sad day for Jamal, who also had a blog at He really enjoyed NY, his fans, and the challenges that came along with playing here. Jamal, we still love you man! Business is business.


11am Update:

This is what the trade looks like so far in ESPN Trade Machine

What do you think??


10:30am Update:

Now there's talk of a three-way deal!

Newsday's Alan Hahn: The Knicks, Warriors and Clippers are talking about a three-way deal that would involve Jamal Crawford, Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins being sent in a cap-space clearing move that would bring in Tim Thomas, Cuttino Mobley and Al Harrington.



Thanks to Marcus for getting the early scoop on this.

The Knicks traded Jamal Crawford to the Warriors for Al Harrington. This gives the Knicks 10 Million less on the cap for the super free agent war of 2010.

I suppose the next move will be to use David Lee as trade bait to get rid of another 17 Million, Zach Randolph. Stick to the plan! We have LeBron, Amare, D.Wade, Dirk, and Bosh all free agents in 2010. Gotta score one of those....

Check out more from Alan Hahn at Newsday, or and leave comments here on what you think! The NY Post has Harrington coming for Malik Rose, but I don't think Donnie Nelson can do anything with Grandpa Malik.



Marcus said...

Yo this is a crazy interesting trade. Does this mean they gonna start putting Steph or Anthony Roberson in the rotation?...Is this just the 1st move of many cuz D.Lee is still on the block as well as Z-Bo so this is gonna be interesting to follow.

D.Miz said...

Yea man, i guess this is just the beginning. The Knicks would love to sign D.Lee to an extension, but they'll have to pick either him or Nate Robinson, and definitely won't be able to keep both. So why not use him as trade bait and get rid of the one of the worst contracts, in Eddy Curry or Zach Randolph (or Jerome James, but you can't get a pack of skittles for him).

I dunno bout Steph playing, that's a good question. They definitely will need another person in the backcourt....hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow..

Dantoni is not done.

jamal is our big offensive threat, this makes no sense unless we're getting nice and low to now deal stephon. my thinking is Lee and Stephon to the Spurs. They are in big need of a 2 guard and a rebounder to help Tim.

peace out.

D.Miz said...

I don't think that's possible. The Spurs don't have anyone to match those salaries...

It would have to be a package around either Manu or Tony Parker, which is not likely....

David said...

I think its a great deal for the Knicks..

The team needs a star, crawford/starbury/randolph isnt the guy..Crawford's contract was huge!

Who cares what they get for him, knick fans have accepted mediocrity for a while, till we get a big dog

D.Miz said...

This is the move right here!

This is taking about 27 Mil off the books...paving the way for LE-BRON JA-MES, CLAP, CLAP, CLAPCLAPCLAP

David said...

Remember when the Knicks traded the cap room of Penny Hardaway for Steve Francis. This is basically the opposite trade..

Crawford is still a solid player, but lets be real, the guy takes WAY to many shots. People only seem to remember his great games. The guy is John Starks, he could be great at times and exciting, but he's a role player. Don't forget it was Starks fault that the Knicks didnt win a World Championship. Even Pat Riley acknowledges it

Bruce said...

Way to develop a group of guys... gain their trust then trade em, after you build up their value. Smart, but D'antoni is a farce.

Yo Danny, I read that it’s Malik Rose (hopefully) and not Jamal.

Let’s be real… Jamal makes the Knicks games way more enjoyable because he can actually get whatever shot he wants. That cat is an offensive talent.

I would be furious if they got rid of Jamal.

Hey, if Danilo is inactive for the season, can we pick up PE Jr?

Hayden said...

I read in the post that they will trade Malik Rose instead of Jamal. I hope so, the Knicks will be horrible to watch if we trade Jamal. I understand it's all about 2010 (Amara is my No. 2 behind the obvious frontrunner) but I wanna see a good product. I've had to deal with subpar for the last 3 years!!!

D.Miz said...

Hell yea! I think that's a great idea, lets get Patrick Jr. back on the team. Gotta love the direction the team is going with Walsh around. A year ago, PE Jr wouldn't be near the team cause Patrick wasn't cool with the Knicks (after i don't know how many times he came to games and they didn't even show him on the big screen).

There was one goal at the beginning of the season: get under the cap for 2010. It's clear D'Antoni can coach - i think it'll be fun regardless. Cuttino can runnnn! Why do we like Jamal more than Cuttino (when Cuttino expires in 2010 and Jamal in 2011???)

Bruce said...

Jamal is a sideshow, much the way Gerald Wilkins was in the late eighties, early nineties. Good for highlights, but never quite top tier all star material.

Good, but not Vince Carter good.

Talented scorer, but a nutwagon nonetheless.

Fun to watch as your team is mired in mediocrity, but he is not taking you to no promised land any more than Steph could’ve.

I’m no fan of anyone the Knicks are getting in return, so for that reason, I understand your pain, but not because Jamal is a valuable commodity.

Harrington for Malik Rose was good, but if you buy into the whole building a team thing, Harrington is gonna stunt Wilson Chandler’s development.

Plus he’s not thaaaaat nice!

Anonymous said...

If we can get lebron in 2010, then we should do it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cuttino at the 2. Not too shabby. There's a hole there, pick him up in your fantasy leagues, quick !!

Anonymous said...

Z bo to the clips? Don't they have marcus and kaman there already. Kinda crowed front court.
This is not over, who leaves the paper clips next? As the NBA world turns.

willie said...

I wake up to the news that stephon "refused" to play. First thought was, what a dope!! Then it hit me, what would I have done? You know what, at 30 years old a young man's ego is probably at its highest. so I kind of sympathize with stephon.
Someone tells you repeatedly what a loser you are and you suck, then asks you to go out and perform for that same person, dammm I think I might have reacted worse. Hopefully this thing settles soon and both parties can move on their own separate ways.

good day ladies,

willie said...

By the way, today marks the 45th anniversary of John F Kennedy's assassination. I'm not sure how relevant that is to these post's but this incident could be the one that had the most impact on the lives of "baby boomers" growing up.
As you can see it still effects me.

G day ladies !!

Anonymous said...

Popular post, congrats dmiz on good reporting