Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lunch Break Special: Knicks -v- Cavs Preview

Tonight marks the first time when LeBron James comes to Madison Square Garden, with the Knicks actually having enough cap space to sign him in 2010. As of right now, it's not just LeBron, but thanks to Jalen Rose of ESPN, rumors are spreading that also Chris Bosh might come to New York in the same offseason. This is a dream beginning to come true for Knicks fans, who never thought that we would get away from the mess Isiah Thomas made.

The last 4 games LeBron played at the Garden, he averaged almost 37 points per game, the last one, going for 50 points (after telling Spike Lee in the front row that he'd do so). This marks the third year in a row where LeBron gets special NYC kicks made for the occasion. Last year he wore the Yankees-themed LeBron V's, with the Le-Bron Ja-mes chant written on the tongue (that I strongly urge New Yorkers to chant with me tonight).

More news from around the web on this game:

*Shaun Powell from Newsday is doing the same, and urging New Yorkers to give LeBron the warmest welcome imaginable.

*Frank Isola on LeBron's kicks, which you can get a sneak peak of, here at Nicekicks.com.

*There's a chance that Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas don't suit up tonight (and even worse, that Zach Randolph gets shipped back to New York to put a temporary pause on our Coup de' James. Ken Berger, formally of Newsday, now at CBSsports has the story.

*Special thanks to my homey Hayden for bringing this Peter Vescey article to my attention. This is a great summary, breaking down the money situations for both Cleveland and New York, and how it relates to King James.

NY Media Urging Fans to Show LeBron The Love


David said...

Its so comical how everyone in NY loves the fact that we are going to be terrible for 2 years...Here is gonna be the Knicks starting 5 in 2 years

D. Wade
C. Bosh
Michael Jordan (yes hes coming out of retirement)

Anonymous said...


you missed magic johnson,

i hear he's on their radar too.

shish,, I agree, I gotta wait 2 years for a "maybe"
how sad have the knicks become. !!


D.Miz said...

haha, i like that starting 5 Dave.

19 more months of this, woohoo!

Le-Bron Ja-mes said...

clap clap clapclapclap

Anonymous said...

bring the blog back!!!