Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Wake n Break

*It was a tight first half in Oklahoma City, where the Rockets and Thunder tied the score 19 times. The Rockets took a small lead into the half, 56-50, led by Luis Scola with 15 and Yao Ming filling up the box score with 8 points, 5 boards, 2 assists and 2 early blocks. Major blow #1 for the rockets came in the second quarter when T-Mac seemed to maybe re-injure his surgically repaired knee. The second half was more of the same. For the Thunder, Russell Westbrook is really playing well, and stealing some of Earl Watson’s minutes/responsibility. Watson played only 25 minutes, going 1-8, finishing with as many turnovers as points; 3 (ouch). Major blow #2 came as the game was winding down, when Ron Artest turned his ankle while driving to the hoop. Hopefully both T-Mac and Ron Ron recover quickly. Wins often speed up the process. Rockets 100, Thunder 89

*Amare Stoudamire had 15 points in the first half, and Phoenix led early on in Utah. The second half, the Jazz really stepped it up, and it was the rebounding and bench play that won it for them. The Jazz out-rebounded the Suns 47-26. Add to that the fact that the Jazz bench outscored the Suns bench 59-16 (!), and that’ll give you a win. Total team effort by the Jazz who had 6 players in double digits (4 of which came of the bench). Phoenix was a little slow coming off of the big win against Detroit, but that isn’t the worst excuse of the night. The worst excuse of the night goes to Steve Nash who says, “They’re a good running team at home and we’re not really a running team at the moment.” Yea, ok. Jazz 109, Suns 97

*Wasn’t a pretty game in Clipperdom last night, but that’s how the Spurs like it. If you limit the possessions, it really gives the advantage to San Antonio, since their defense and system is more mature than what the Clippers have right now (or maybe ever). The Spurs had an 11 point lead in the fourth, that was slowly being chipped at and then got tied on a big Cuttino Mobley 3-pointer. Tim Duncan had the big numbers, going for 20 points, 15 boards, and holding down the D with 6 blocks (!). But the real man of the night was Roger Mason Jr, getting 21, but no points more important that a 3-pointer to take the lead and win the game, only giving Baron Davis enough time to throw up a brick at the buzzer. Spurs 86, Clips 83


David said...

What up with Nash averaging 7 assists a game this year? Guy has avged 11 assists a game for last 4 yrs..

D.Miz said...

It's the system. Porter wants to slow it down, and feed the post more. Just means less ball movement and less quick shots like last year. If you look over at the Knicks, you'll see that everyone is racking up more assists because of the quick screen-cut-shot in the "7 seconds or less" system. Plus, Nash sucks and can't play D. Yea, hadda throw that in there.

John said...

You gotta give credit to Luis Scola on the way he step up his game when the likes of Yao, T-Mac & Artest are injured. For me he is the main reason why I believe that the Rockets do have a shot at the title.

People always like to talk SA Spurs Big Three or Kobe & the Lakers in the West. But I always felt that many people underate the Rockets.

This time they have a strong supporting cast and in Scola particularly, they have another superstar who has seen many great success in his career.

I wish to hear your views about the game against the Thunders?


D.Miz said...

John, thanks for stopping by! Your blog looks great.

Even though the Rockets are deeper than usual, that doesn't discount the fact that without their "big 3" they won't be competing for a championship. They definitely don't have enough to withstand injuries to Yao or TMac, especially considering how weak they are at the PG spot. Maybe if they had someone extremely talented at controlling a game, it would be different, but Rafer Alston (whom i still love as a player, and a playa) isn't enough.