Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Breakdown

*It was an exciting day in New York, and that usually generates excitement throughout the league. ESPN's Weekend Dime has some speculation that the Knicks are not just putting themselves in position to sign ONE major free agent, but possible two or three (see Steven A Smith video below as well). The Weekend Dime also has an interview with Robert Horry, more on Antonio McDyess and a claim that someone owes Paul Pierce six bucks!

*Sticking with the Knicks for a second...I love the moves, but I very much disagree with D'Antoni asking Steph if he wants to play last night, and then, telling the media it's Steph's fault because he said no. D'Antoni said he 30-35 minutes for Steph last night, but no one asked the right questions, which are: Will it just be one and done? Was that just a one-game bone being thrown? I don't think I would play if I was Steph, that's for sure, would you??

*HoopsHype on the rebirth of Shaq, discussing with long-time Phil Jackson confidant Tex Winter. Most people counted Pheonix out this year because of Shaq declining, but he's been able to bring out sum of that reserve superman-ness, and so far, very good.

*Well-known, long-time coach PJ Carlisimo got the boot today from the Head Coaching position of the Oklahoma City Thunder. What the heck was he supposed to do with this team?? Their best player, Kevin Durant, is still a 10-year-old at heart.

A few videos well worth watching:

*The most exciting game of the season went down in Toronto, where Vince Carter went nutso, again, in the place he's hated most. Must see TV

Steven A Smith on the Knicks

Rasheed Wallace, via Ball Don't Lie, on his Teammates nicknames


BRUCE said...

I hope Marbury gets off the Knicks soon. I’ve been carrying dead weight for too long now. Knicks suck now and he doesn’t need to be a part of the hypocrisy. Kudos to him for telling D’Antoni – F-U Pay ME! – for that BS last Friday.

Good Luck to the Knicks though. I wouldn’t be feeling good right now. The media needs to shut the f- up about the LeBron ish. Its TWO YEARS AWAY! Yes plan now etc. but no need to set the fans team and everyone else up for it ….what if it doesn’t happen? I can see NY making enough room for him and at least one or two more crucial pieces. (Even KG, needed to know Ray Ray was down before he committed to Boston- could take a similar situation to convince Bron Bron to leave Cleveland

Coach Firings!

How about that - PJ Carlessimo - Feel bad because he didn’t have a chance but I was never a fan of his anyway.
-Eddie Jordan – Always been a fan of his, but I guess its kinda like they did to Willie Randolph. Except Willie didn’t have a 100 million dollar player injured more than he plays…Did Gilbert cost Eddie his job, (maybe if they had a few more wins…) not sure, but Abe Pollin probably felt he had to do something. This is going to doom them though unless they get a great coach (Is AJ out there? )

Recap of the AI – Billups Trade. Looking good for both teams although its BS that McDyess gets to go back to the Pistons. That rule is gay. Give these dudes a month off to get bought out & resign with the original team. This is beginning to get a little fish market. That player after 30 days should be able to sign with anyone EXCEPT the team that traded him for the remainder of the season at least, otherwise this will continue…..

D.Miz said...

Great post, thanks Bruce.

I think Eddie is one of the best in the league, but the fact is, the entire organization went on the injured list with Gilbert Arenas this past summer. I think he'll get another job very soon (perhaps maybe PJ's old job with the Thunder).

Very good idea on Avery for coaching the Wiz now...


Anonymous said...

Will Shaq reach 400 pounds in our lifetime. My guess is yes!