Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Breakdown

*Basketball Prospectus digs deep into Ron Artest. Breakin' down his offense, defense, and more.

*The long-awaited Power Rankings, by John Hollinger, who I guess is some sort of Math genius on the side. Inventor of the PER rating. While most power rankings are a matter of opinion, John takes any and all opinion out, leaving it up to the numbers. A few things jump out, one especially, that the Knicks are ranked 25th and there are 9 teams, with worse records (!), ranked ahead of them. You can say, well, that's why the stats don't mean anything. Or you can say, well, that's why those close wins and no defense don't mean much in the long run.

*A bunch of fantastic finds on True Hoop, including some funny math, where Kill + Mode = Cheese (?) and Baron Davis, Chris Bosh...doing skits. Okayyy. Little too much time on your hands fellas. Well, for CB, I guess keep doing what your doing, cause it's working. Total beast this year. MVP material and stats. Too bad he's north of the border, or he could have a chance of winning it.

*The fact that LeBron James jumped from (almost) the free throw line last night, made it look so easy, and no one is talking about it, is beyond me. Ball Don't Lie has the super slow motion for ya.

*Staying with Ball Don't Lie, an exclusive Interview with Brandon Roy.

*Last but not least, HOW THE HELL DID STEPHON MARBURY MAKE IT TO THE ALL-STAR BALLOT?? This leads me to ask, did anyone proofread this? I mean, come on. No one read it after some computer auto-generated it and said, "Maybe Steph shouldn't be on here?"

What do you guys think? Any other weird inclusions, or even better, who got snubbed from the ballot??


brandon hoffman said...

Just came across your blog.

Good stuff.

D.Miz said...

Thanks man! Keep comin' back for more. We'll keep it hot and sexy for ya. I'm a huugggge fan. Thanks for all the good reads!