Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

To all the loyal readers, sorry for the lack of posts. We'll try to pick it back up to normal after the New Year.

A few links while I'm here:

The Jordan 2009's are coming out. Pretty sweet...

Awesome read on Chris Paul and his nastiness.

Steve Nash is the most over rated player...EVER! Bill Simmons joins me in my frustration, and states the case that Nothing has altered the NBA more than Mike D'Antoni. Unfortunately, it's because Steve Nash is the biggest joke of a back-to-back MVP and the most over rated player, EVER! (Did I mention that?)

In case you forgot, the Consecutive MVP Club looks like this: Kareem, Bird, Magic, Moses, Jordan, Russell, Duncan, Wilt … and Nash. Gulp.

That is ridiculous. Check out Nash's numbers this year compared to his last season in Dallas:

Nash, 2003-04: 78 games, 14.5 PPG, 8.8 APG, 47% FG, 41% 3FG, 92% FT.
Nash, 2008-09: 24 games, 15.5 PPG, 8.5 APG, 48% FG, 42% 3FG, 94% FT.

Nuff said...

Speaking of Mike D'Antoni, Ken Berger breaks down Mike D's very under-rated defense.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Breakdown

Sundays have not been kind to teams in Detroit...

Always good to see people with big ego's self-depreciate a bit. Amare Stoudamire has a favor to ask...

I'm officially sick of the "NBA. Where Amazing Happens" commercials. Finally, something new.

Chris Paul, "I don't have any tattoos. My mom and dad would kill me."

For LeBron's 24th Birthday, 24-Hours of LeBron on NBAtv.

DeShawn Stevenson is a D-Bag

Experience is a tough teacher, it gives the test first and the lesson afterwards. Also from E-Muss, establishing a culture of work. Great reads.

So I guess it was true...? Bonzi really is playing in China, and posted 48 points, 11 boards and 7 steals in his debut. He must love them yellow chicks...why the hell else would he be in China playing for 40K?

Imagine the Wizards were so bad, they stop taking basketball seriously and do a reality show. Well...you don't have to imagine it....Thanks for bringing this to my attention Jim. I can NOT believe this years Wiz are worse than last years Knicks.

New York rocks, Boston sucks....

One more thing on the Celtics. I'm from New York, and if the Knicks had just set a record for the best start in NBA history and longest winning streak in franchise history, there would be a solid six pages of hysterical coverage in the New York papers. The Boston Herald offered two -- game story, column, notebook, just like any other game. The Celtics are the best team in basketball ... and the Yankees signed Teixeira! - Ken Berger, CBS Sports.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday Wake n Break

*Rotoworld, Breakin down the Fantasy Week Ahead.

*A wise man learns from the mistakes of others (Boozer)...That's what LeBron James did this weekend when he said publicly that the Cavs are moving in the right direction, and its possible he signs a contract extension this offseason, contrary to recent thoughts that he'd move to New York. Ken Berger catches up with Wade and Bosh about the topic.

*Chris Paul watches so much ball, he can see the future.

*Marc Stein gives out his trimester awards in ESPN's Weekend Dime. Also in the Dime is a Q&A with Al Harrington.

*A Free Darko, Sunday rant.

*It's possible this season, we see NBA records broken for best and worst teams. ESPN officially starts the 72-game watch, and also keeps an eye on the Thunder and their horrible start.

*SLAM goes one-on-one with Charlie Villinueva. Come on Charlie V...how could you be a New Yorker and a Reggie Miller fan??

*Upside and Motor gives us the NBA Archetype Hierarchy. Great read from last week.

Can Charles Barkley Dodge A Shoe Like Dubya?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Breakdown

David Thorpe's new Rookie report is out, on ESPN.com, and guess who's finally made it to the top? OJ Mayo! I've been on record all year saying the minutes and green light make well for a Rookie of the Year candidate, and with Derrick Rose's recent struggles (mostly on defense), OJ's taken the lead.

Shaq, sounding like Big, BIG, Baby, crying about not getting enough touches. I'm surprised he's still singing that tune, considering he's got Amare, Nash and J Rich on his team. Sharing is caring big fella.

LeBron + Ice Cube = This TV Show

Yesterday, Ball Don't Lie interviewed The Jet. Today, we get Ernie, the brains behind the TNT Emmy-Award winning studio show.

STAT's got a blog! So how long before he publicly demands a trade on it?

Be careful Raptor fans....don't boo your superstar, soon-to-be, free agent.

HoopsWorld says Flip Saunders has an open invite to be the next coach in Philly. Makes sense, they could really use some more offensive options.

Speaking of...EB is out for a month, from a dislocated shoulder he suffered last night. Another blow to the Sixers, although this might be a good thing considering they played a lot better last year without Brand.

Lil Wayne's blogging again. Don't do it Weezy...don't pick Kobe over MJ.

It's nice to see some players with enough confidence and balls to allow their teammates to yell at them. With all the success CP3 and the Hornets have had, their ego's still haven't inflated to the point of not taking criticism.

Knickerblogger breakin' down the Knicks roster spots.

Wednesday Breakdown

LeBron + The Batman = These Kicks

Chris Paul, making history, getting a steal in his 106th straight game.

Kenny "The [Real] Jet" Smith interview on Ball Don't Lie.

A must-see Bucks game? On December 20th, the Bucks will attempt to break 6 different Guinness World Records.

You really have to read this post from ex-NBA player Gabe Muoneke on HoopsHype. Now playing in China, he was jumped by the locker room, in front of his family, by the entire opposing team. Must-read, great story and hilarious stuff.

Congrats to Terry Porter, getting his number retired in Portland.

Kevin McHale is not a fan of bloggers. Feeling's mutual.

Dime asks, Who are the Top NBA Villians? Bruce Bowen is my pick...dirty bastid. Some missing names....Kendrick Perkins, Amare Stoudamire...anyone else?

Shane Battier, answering questions from fans.

From the Knicks Blog, we're reminded that Trevor Ariza was Isiah Thomas' first-ever draft pick as Knicks president, getting him in the second round at pick #43! Compare that to Danilo Gallinari, at #6, and....FI-RE DON-NIE! No no no, I joke.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

Mo Cheeks says its his fault, the under achievement in Philly. Lotta job openings out there. Smooth move Mo.

ESPN has their new, crazy technology, super fancy, mock 2009 draft.

Ken Berger, CBS Sports, with a great breakdown of a recent Sports Business Journal, most influential people in sports article. Also from BergerSphere, thanks for the shout-out to yesterday's Breakdown!

Ball Don't Lie interview with OJ Mayo.

The Knicks Fix, saying the trade for Bell/Diaw was a trade for D'Antoni in the long run. I find this VERY hard to believe, considering I can't think of one good reason why Larry Brown would ever want to coach Eddy Curry again. This looks like someone's silly idea, went public, and i haven't found any backing yet.

SLAM, reporting that Pacer's Coach, Jim O'Brien, thought his team would suck this year. Well, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure it's good to have a leader with some confidence in his team...? Coach D'Antoni said last week, the players are only as good as the coach thinks they are. Deep thought.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Breakdown

Power Rankings, both NBA.com and ESPN.com. Anything surprise you? Leave it below.

TrueHoop tells us to get ready for NBA teams in Europe.

SLAM tells us why Mo Cheeks was fired, and what they should do now.

Frank Isola, saying Nash is going to be in NY with LeBron, Bosh and [maybe] Wade??

There was a day when Eddy Curry was the "Next Shaq." Oh man, yea, not close. See what Shaq has to say about that now.

The Knicks Fix, on Harrington's playoff hopes, the Mobley trade exception, and more.

K-Mart, Video interview on his wack wack wack tattoo on his neck (the Lips).

Pau Gasol and Mike Miller romantically engaged?? What a shot...Thanks to BDL for the best laugh I had all day.

Tell me this isn't true....Bonzi Wells signed for 40K to play in China???? No way, right?

Who's the worst player in the NBA? Dime asks and answers...Who do YOU think it is?? Jared Jeffries, Malik Rose, Anthony Roberson and x-Knick Mardy Collins should all be on this list. Isiah Thomas...the gift that never stops giving.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Breakdown

Awesome new Knicks blog I saw today, called Seven Seconds or Mess. Check it out.

Come Monday, Mike D'Antoni will be back in Phoenix, coaching against his former team. Peter Vescey caught up with Coach D, and D'Antoni didn't hold anything back.

Okay, a little too much fondling the Celtics over at ESPN.com. First, going gaga over Rajon Rondo. Then kudos to Paul Pierce and his mean, lean body. Top it off with discussing Kevin Garnett's mouth. Yup, true story.

Pistons players and management, talking about their wack start.

Breakin down the Cavs Offense a little more, via X's and O's of Basketball.

HoopsHype exclusive video interview with Kevin Love.

InsideHoops has Juwan Howard joining the Cats. Meanwhile, SLAM says Raymond Felton is next to get traded.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Breakdown

D Wade, a one-man offense says Basketball-Reference.com

Melo last night? 33 points in the third quarter??? That's unbelievable, tying The Iceman, George Gervin's record from 1978 for points in a quarter. Must see highlights of how it went down.

Hardwood Paroxysm has some very funny pics of Michael Redd, and then a rant on Yi Jianlian getting votes for the All-Star Game. That'd be a shame and obviously not well-deserved.

Cuttino Mobley is officially retired. Did you ever notice how much his looks like Chazz Palminteri ????? Awesome.

Charles Barkley, interviewed by Ball Don't Lie, puts on the Commissioner's cap.

Did anyone think that 20+ games into the season, the Knicks and Nets would have better records than the Raptors and Sixers? No way. Eric Mussleman breaks down both Chris Duhon and Devin Harris' efficiency so far this season.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Breakdown

Breakin' News! Jason Richardson is now joining Amare, Nash, and Shaq in Phoenix (!!). Ken Berger at CBS Sports breaks down the trade. The Suns gave up defensive specialist Raja Bell, and Boris "I got a big contract then fat and slow" Diaw. Interesting move for Steve Kerr, considering he wanted to focus on defense, and J Rich is definitely more O than D.

More about LeBron and Bosh already deciding to rendezvous at the Garden in 2010.

Awesome video of Darko Milicic ripping off his jersey Superman style two nights ago.

NBA; Where the Cavs Only Need 3 Quarters happens. Awesome read from Ballerblogger.com, about the Cavs recent domination.

Another, much less exciting trade. The Wizards trade for Javaris Crittenton and Mike James, both I'd assume will get some run right away. See if they can spark the struggling Wiz, and fill in while Gilbert Arenas recovers. Antonio Daniels went to New Orleans, where I'd also assume he will get backup point guard duties, since there is no one right now, and CP3 could use the help.

Concerning article for Minnesota fans. Players from the Wolves talking about Kevin McHale's lack of coaching ability, on the X's and O's side.

Dime asks us...If you can pick one player, for one defensive stop, who's your man? I think I'm going Kevin Garnett on this one...you?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

Breakin' Down The Game got some good pub today over at CBS Sports. Check out Ken Berger's blog, linking his readers to last night's Breakdown.

TrueHoop reminds us of a great [for the fans, horrible for Darko] rant last year. O man, so good:
He's already something of an internet legend for an absolutely insane x-rated 2007 tirade against international referees.

Every time a coach gets fired, Jerry Sloan manages to come into the conversation. Well deserved. Jerry's coached more games than Red Auerbach did with the Celtics (!). 222 coaches have been replaced since he started (!). JA Adande, ESPN, with a tribute to Coach Sloan. Founding member of FreeDarko.com, Bethlehem Shoals, shares his thoughts on Sloan.

My MAIN man, Ahmad Rashad, interviewed at Ball Don't Lie, talkin MJ and more. Yea, you wanna check that out.

SLAM, Appreciating LeBron James' new defensive skills. If Bosh, Wade and LeBron did make a pact in China, it was probably that they're all going to challenge each other on getting defensive recognition. Wade is averaging just about two blocks and two steals per game. Sick.


Tuesday Breakdown

Breakin' Down The Game got some good pub today over at CBS Sports! Check out BergerSphere linking CBS readers to last night's Breakdown.

TrueHoop reminds us of a great [for the fans] Darko Milicic rant last year. O man, so good:
"He's already something of an internet legend for an absolutely insane x-rated 2007 tirade against international referees."

Every time a coach gets fired, Jerry Sloan manages to come into the conversation. Well deserved. Jerry's coached more games than Red Auerbach did with the Celtics (!). 222 coaches have been replaced since he started (!). JA Adande, ESPN, with a tribute to Coach Sloan. Founding member of FreeDarko.com, Bethlehem Shoals, shares his thoughts on Sloan.

My MAIN man, Ahmad Rashad, interviewed at Ball Don't Lie, talkin MJ and more. Yea, you wanna check that out.

SLAM, Appreciating LeBron James' new defensive skills. If Bosh, Wade and LeBron did make a pact in China, it was probably that they're all going to challenge each other on getting defensive recognition. Wade is averaging just about two blocks and two steals per game. Sick.

D Wade on Okafor Last Night

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Breakdown

"Jesus Christ himself could come out here and coach us, but if we don't go out there and play hard and play together, it won't mean nothing." - Al Jefferson, via Ball Don't Lie

Randy Wittman lost his job today, and being replaced by his boss, Kevin McHale. Apparently Kevin McHale needed a job, since he lost his at the same time, as GM. I imagine the only reason it went down like that, is because when he fails again, they won't make the comparison to Isiah Thomas nonstop. However, i think it's safe to say there's no way those comparisons won't be made, with the horrendous job both GMs did for their franchises. Good luck!

ESPN is placing odds on which coach is next to go. More importantly, which coach is going to come back? I think Eddie Jordan has to get scooped up sooner than later. Maybe OKC takes him? I wonder if he'd take that job, or would wait for a more lucrative one.

Ballerblogger.com with, yet another, Kobe vs. MJ comparison. Good article, with some great links. Love MJ...

Q&A with Kenyon Martin at Dime Mag, weighing in on Pac vs. BIG debate. Come on KMart...you're better than that. BIG all the way.

Another Q&A, this time with Chris Webber at Ball Don't Lie, talking business, his new off the court teammate Gary Payton, and more.

Josh Smith Video Interview from HoopsHype, claiming the Hawks are at the top of the east, with Boston, Cleveland and Orlando. I'll give him Orlando, because I don't think they're that good, but not a shot comparing the Hawks to Boston and Cleveland. Hope they prove me wrong...

So...Baron Davis is a getting paid 250K to endorse a weight-loss drink, and it required him to gain weight in the offseason. Come on, that can't be real, right? I'd imagine the new Collective Bargaining Agreement might have to take this into consideration, and not allow athletes to do ridiculous stuff like this. As for the Clippers, I'd be pretty ticked off that we just gave Baron $62.5 Million, and he went out and gained weight for an additional quarter of one million? Wow...no bueno Diddy. Slam Online has the story.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Live From The Garden: Knicks -v- Pistons

Knicks 104, Pistons 92

Wakey wakey, eggs and breaky. Early one this Sunday, with the Pistons suffering the classic curse of the NY-Noon game. It's hard for the players to resist partying the Saturday night before in the Big Apple. It showed with Allen Iverson and Pistons starting very slow, going down 10-0 before being forced to call a timeout and regroup. More of the same after the timeout, with a very poor showing from Allen Iverson who looked a bit slow and unlike himself. Coach Michael Curry sat Iverson a good chunk in the first quarter, putting in Rodney Stuckey to get the Pistons running some offensive plays, instead of Iverson's ineffectiveness. The first quarter ends, and the Knicks have a commanding lead, 29-12.

In the second quarter, the Pistons were able to get a lot of points, scoring 31 overall. However, there was no D on the Pistons end either, and the Knicks got 36 points, led mostly by timely buckets from Quentin Richardson, and Chris Duhon pushing the Pick n Roll with David Lee on almost every possession. David Lee only finished with 12 points, but his 19 rebounds and overall impact on both ends of the floor was outstanding. The Knicks wound up getting the lead to almost 30 points at one point. Towards the end of the first half, the Pistons went on a mini-run, looking to gain momentum at the break. Knicks fans are used to runs like these, which usually led to a horrible second half, repeating none of the success from the first two quarters. Would there be more of that tonight?

At the break, it was 65-43 Knicks. Looking at the box score, there was something very interesting that popped out. The Knicks were 20-40 from the field, while the Pistons were almost identical at 19-41...yet there was a 22 point lead! Breakin' it down further, you'll see the Knicks success came from the line (were they got 21 shot attempts to the Piston's 9), and from 3-point-land, where they hit 8 of 14. Add to that the great ball control of the Knicks (2 turnovers), and the Pistons looking sloppy (8 turnovers), and there's your lead.

In a game where the Knicks almost dominated from beginning to end, it was Jared Jeffries who was horrid and kept letting the Pistons get back in it. His decisions on offense, including fading, long jump shots (he's never hit one in his life), and repeated offenses charges, were really horrendous and his number should have gotten pulled much earlier. Jeffries was the only one on the team to log a negative +/- for the Knicks. Tempers flared a bit in the 3rd, with Richard Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace both getting techs, but this time that didn't exactly ignite Sheed, and the Pistons were still down 18 at the start of the fourth.

Pretty bad game for the Pistons backcourt, with Iverson shooting 33% from the field, and Rip getting his second technical in the 4th quarter, resulting in his ejection just when the Pistons looked like they could make a run. I thought Michael Curry was supposed to have control over those tempers? Jared Jeffries continued his run of horrible ball in the fourth quarter. Combine that with the refs making even on their ejection of Rip, by giving the Pistons tons of calls in the fourth. Detroit managed to get the lead down to 5 (!), which I'm sure made half the (totally packed) arena think twice about calling this a win.

Tayshaun Prince really piled it on in the fourth quarter, and it seemed like almost every shot he hit was with the left hand, about 3 inches from the hoop (and one big dunk the same way). They probably should have went to that earlier in the game, since it was basically unstoppable. Tayshaun finished with 23 points, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals on 11-19 shooting (!). But it wasn't enough for the Pistons, who gave up a huge 3-pointer from Al Harrington with 1:20 left, extending the lead to 9 points, sealing the win.

It was games like this, last year, that were the worst. A huge lead in the first half, leading to a complacent team, horrible second half and eventual loss. But tonight was different, and Coach Mike D'Antoni didn't let the team lose their energy and passion, and they pulled it out in the end in front of a packed Garden crowd. Great game for the Knicks, bouncing back from two tough losses, and they again showed that on any given night, they can compete on the basketball court.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Wake n Break

*Rajon Rondo was the man tonight in Boston, leading the Celtics to a victory fo the Pacers. Rajon picked apart the defense all game, finishing with a VERY impressive triple double: 16 points, 17 assists, 13 rebounds (add 3 steals to that). WOW. The Celtics also took advantage of Indiana's small lineup, by out rebounding them 54 to 31, and shooting 19 more free throw attempts. Had to figure this was going to happen, with the Pacers just coming off of beating the LA Lakers, and were victorious in their last game against the Celtics. The juices were flowing tonight for the C's. Celtics 114, Pacers 96

Speaking of the Lakers, Kobe and Co went into Philly tonight, to face the struggling Sixers. Lakers were just ridiculous. Huge dunks all night, not missing anything, shooting 58% from the field (!). Then with 2 minutes left...Kobe Kobe Kobe. Disgusting stuff. First a pair of free throws, then a spinning layup, then a 3-pointer, all within 1 minute. That was just mean. I've said it before and i'll say it again, if the Sixers don't get some outside shooters soon, they won't be int he playoffs. Moves need to be made. Lakers 114, Sixers 102

*Last week LeBron James came to the garden, and of course all the talk was about 2010. Not the same in Cleveland, where they stick mostly the basketball (and LeBron gushing). However, the outcome was the same; total Cavs domination from the get go. The Cavs lead after the first half 61-35. The Knicks are starting to lose steam, from playing so many minutes and so few players, made even worse by Quentin Richardson getting tossed with logging only 16 minutes. They'll need another guard soon (Cuttino Mobley??) if they want to compete. Lets get this guy on the court already. Cavs 118, Knicks 82

The Suns were without Steve Nash and Shaquille O'Neal, so it was smooth sailing for the Hornets at home, winning few bumps in the road. Lot of Chris Paul and Peja Stojakovic. CP3 finished with his usual 24 points, 15 assists and 3 steals and later said, “When he’s shooting like that, we’re almost unstoppable,” referring to Peja. Although I'd take out the 'almost,' because between Tyson Chandler alley-oops , David West spot up jumpers on the pick and roll, and of course CP3's disgusting offensive repertoire, there's no way you're going to win if Peja is training them like he did tonight. Hornets 104, Suns 91

*All Dwayne Wade in Utah tonight. I can't believe how good he is. You should probably go see the highlights for this. In fact, here ya go. D.Wade finished with 23 points, 5 boards and 5 assists, but most impressive is the 4 steals and 2 blocks. It's become every game at this point, with Wade averaging close to 2.5 steals and 2 blocks. The Jazz are really struggling without a healthy Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer out of the lineup with injury. Paul Millsap tried his best to cover for him, scoring 20 points and getting 13 boards, but too much D. Wade all game. Heat 93, Jazz 89

*The Wizards improved their loss column to 13, while the Blazers won their 6th straight. Antwan Jamison on Brandon Roy (sums up the whole game): “It wasn’t going well for him in the first half. He didn’t force it— continued to plug away. And the last four or five minutes of the game, who had the ball in their hands? Who made plays? Who won the game? It was him.” Gotta love the props from your peers/competition. Blazers 98, Wizards 92

Another horrible sooting night from Ron Artest, going 5-15, and 33% for the season. It didn't stop the Rockets from getting a win at home against the Clippers. Zach Randolph continued his strong play with the Clips (on the offensive end), going for 23 points and 11 boards, but Baron Davis launching brick after brick (5-15 from the field) didn't help their production. Even without Tracy McGrady, the Rockets still got enough scoring from Rafer Alston, and Yao Ming (especially at the free throw line, going 12-13). Alston flirted with a trouble double in this game, finishing with 21 points, 8 boards and 7 dimes. Rockets 103, Clippers 96

*JJ Redick
got the start tonight in Orlando, which means their backcourt troubles are really, REALLY, bad. In JJ's 30 minutes of play, he was able to get only 5 points, while his backcourt teammate Anthony Johnson only scored 2. But I guess that doesn't matter, since te Magic's all-star players Rashard Lewis, Dwight Howard, and Hedo Turkoglu were in the house. Dwight got his usual 23 points, 17 boards and 6 blocks (!), with Rashard and Hedo chipping in for 23 and 22 respectively. Kevin Love, total monster on the offensive boards, finishing with 8 for the game, but helping the Wolves get a big advantage on the field goal attempts 87-65. But their horrid shooting, they actually finished with one less field goal made overall (37-36). Magic 100, Wolves 89

*Josh Smith
's return tonight for the Hawks, and they face the Grizzlies in the ATL. All 5 Hawks starters got into double figures, and had fantastic efficiency from the floor (56%, and that includes Mo Evans going 0-7!). Hakim Warrick was big off the bench for the Grizz, getting 20 points on 8-12 shooting, but they've been spoiled by OJ Mayo's scoring spree, and is low total of 11 points wasn't enough to get the job done. Joe Johnson led the Hawks with 26 points on 10-15 shooting. Hawks 105, Grizzlies 95

In their previous game, the Thunder won for the first time since....i have no idea. So can they make it two in a row against Charlotte? Yea, right. Russell Westbrook is totally locked in as their starting point guard, logging 36+ minutes for the night. Too bad he didn't make enough out of it, going 2-9 from the field, with 10 points and 5 turnovers. That's a rookie starting point guard for ya. Larry Brown sticking to, basically, a 6.5 man rotation, and it worked well in this one with all of the Bobcats playing together well for the second time in two games. In OKC, it doesn't sound great, with Kevin Durant saying, “Tonight was better than most losses because we did some things well.” Damn, I'd hate to be in THAT boat. Bobcats 103, Thunder 97

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday mini-Breakdown

Not much going on today....I think everyone's getting ready for a big 10-game night tonight...but here's a few interested stories/links:

Breakin' News: The Raptors fire coach Sam Mitchell. Eddie Jordan's looking for a job. Avery coming back? Do any of the big names available even want to be in Toronto (in the winter?). Who do you think might be the replacement???

Ken Berger, CBS Sports, on two of the league's hottest rookies, Greg Oden and Derrick Rose.

Up close and personal with Zach Randolph, video interview.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

Have to run, but a few links for tonight's breakdown...

How Allen Iverson got his crossover.

More in depth look at the Triangle Offense

The actual conversation between Donnie Walsh and Stephon Marbury...!!

Thanks to Ballerblogger.com for findings these two gems: First a SLAM interview with Derrick Rose, and then a Charlie Rose interview with Magic Johnson discussing all things basketball and business.

Chatting hoops with well-known coach Mike Moreau at HoopsWorld.com

Lunch Break: Reader Rant

Breakin Down The Game reader, Willie, sends us his thoughts on the Marbury situation:

Just when you thought the knicks would be competitive in 2008/2009 with a new coach, a new gm, and a new " attitude" they go and pull an "isiah" (new slang word for a total cluster f-ck). They trade their 2 best players in lieu of a 2 year wait for Lebron or Bosh or Amare, or Wade. Key Words , "In lieu". The nba is about winning, and any player that is a free agent will look to go to win a ring before their careers are up.
ie. garnett, and allen last year. What's the lure here, for those superstars, a knick uniform, a starting spot on the NY knicks, a home called Madison square garden, all garbage if you cant get a ring. you need to surround yourself with winners, a supporting player staff and a great management team, none of which i see here in NY.
Now I have to sit through a "marbury" fiasco on top of all this? Dam, I want my money back, (season ticket holder). This is not what I bargained for. Take this marbury incident as the latest fiasco: sit him, sit him sit, berate ,berate, berate him, now go and ask him to play for you because you have no one else? Great , just great planning on walsh's and dantoni's behalf. you alienate the team against the guy when he refuses to play, you completely emasculate the guy ,and then you let him poison the locker room. What else can you do to screw this up?
I know, bring back isiah, at least we can expect this craziness from him, but not from these 2 hand-picked NBA "geniuses".
Dam, I'm frustrated, and embarrassed to be a knick fan today. I can only hope that in my life time i get to see this storied franchise come back to its glory past, a la, the 69 and 72 teams..

Tuesday Wake n Break

*Everything clicked for Charlotte tonight against Minnesota. Raymond Felton was distributing the ball well, finishing with 14 assists. Jason Richardson is back and healthy, going for 19 in the first half, finishing with 25 on some high percentage shooting (including 3-4 from downtown). On the Wolves side, Mike Miller had a big first half, but didn't get much of an offensive flow in the second half. Same with Al Jefferson, who had 6 blocks for the night, but only 8 points on 3-11 shooting. Emeka Okafor had a big night for the Bobcats, with 24 points, 10 boards and 5 blocks, making sure to impress the part-owner and basketball god sitting on the sidelines. I'm sure Michael was happy with their performance, but you can't be impressed until they do it against someone a little tougher than lowly Minnesota. Bobcats 100, Wolves 90

*You know it's going to be a tough night for Orlando, with Hedo Turkoglu running the point. The Magic need backcourt help quick, with all of the guys on their depth chart hurt, and to be honest, they suck when they're there anyway. The Jameer Nelson experiment has to end, he's not good enough to take the Magic to the promised land. In this game, Sam Cassell managed to play zero minutes, but still get two technicals and the resulting ejection. The Celtics started pulling away from the Magic in the third quarter, led by Paul Pierce who finished with 24 points, 17 of which were in the fourth. While he only finished with 11 points, Eddie House had the two biggest shots of the game, the first with 8:30 left bringing the lead to 16, and then again with 6:40, extended the lead to 17. From there it was just garbage time, since the C's defense wasn't going to let the Magic come back. With Hedo and Courtney Lee running the point in Orlando, they didn't have a chance, but hung in there the first half. Celtics 107, Magic 88

*It was Jamal Crawford's debut last night at home for the Warriors, and he really lit it up in the first half, going for 19, after some great moves inside and outside. Steven Jackson had an off shooting night, going 2-11, but really helped out especially in the fourth quarter with some great passes to Andres Biedrens in the lane, and finishing with 11 assists overall (but only 8 points). Jamal didn't stop with the hot hand, finishing with 40 points overall, on 11-22 shooting, 4 three pointers, 14-16 from the free throw line with only 1 turnover and 7 assists (wow). Jamal logged 50 minutes in this game, since it went into overtime following an offensive rebound and putback by Udonis Haslem in the final seconds. All that Jamal wasn't enough to stop Dwayne Wade, who finished 37 points and 13 dimes, continuing his MVP type season. The Warriors had a few mini collapses, the worst throwing away the inbounds pass at the end of overtime to Michael Beasley who got to the line to take the lead and eventually the win. Jamal had one more shot to be the hero, but it trickled out and the Warriors lost their 7th straight. Heat 130, Warriors 129

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Breakdown

* Week 5 of the Power Rankings, from both NBA.com and ESPN.com. The Nets are on everyone's radar at this point, playing fantastic with Devin Harris leading the show. Portland, Orlando and Denver are all moving up the rankings. It's funny to see both of these powerhouse sports websites still disagreeing on who's #1.

*Stephon Marbury has been banished from the Knicks, reports ESPN.com's Chris Sheridan. Ken Berger at CBSSports says, It's officially ridiculous.

*There was a time when MJ considered NY too, says Ballerblogger.com

*Derrick Rose breakin Andre Miller's ankles....ouch, via Ball Don't Lie. Staying with BDL, an exclusive interview with one of the best, hottest, young players in the NBA, Danny Granger.

*Haven't quite figured out what they're trying to say in this video at Dime Mag. Basically another MJ vs Kobe video, but lets get serious, no way Kobe can reach Michael status now that he has TWO quality big men, right??? I don't care how many rings he gets at this point, it's not worthy to compare.

*Real GM reports that one of our favorite bloggers, X-Coach Eric Mussleman, wants back into the NBA.

*Amare Stoudamire is a lil jealous of D-Wade, LeBron and co, reports SLAM. Also from SLAM, Michael Beasley is okay with the sixth man role for the time being.

*The Mavs have quit on the Princeton offense, reports InsideHoops.com. Why do i feel like Dirk Nowitzki is always whining, complaining and sounding like a wuss? I just can't help feeling that way about him...sorry.