Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Breakdown

Breakin' News! Jason Richardson is now joining Amare, Nash, and Shaq in Phoenix (!!). Ken Berger at CBS Sports breaks down the trade. The Suns gave up defensive specialist Raja Bell, and Boris "I got a big contract then fat and slow" Diaw. Interesting move for Steve Kerr, considering he wanted to focus on defense, and J Rich is definitely more O than D.

More about LeBron and Bosh already deciding to rendezvous at the Garden in 2010.

Awesome video of Darko Milicic ripping off his jersey Superman style two nights ago.

NBA; Where the Cavs Only Need 3 Quarters happens. Awesome read from, about the Cavs recent domination.

Another, much less exciting trade. The Wizards trade for Javaris Crittenton and Mike James, both I'd assume will get some run right away. See if they can spark the struggling Wiz, and fill in while Gilbert Arenas recovers. Antonio Daniels went to New Orleans, where I'd also assume he will get backup point guard duties, since there is no one right now, and CP3 could use the help.

Concerning article for Minnesota fans. Players from the Wolves talking about Kevin McHale's lack of coaching ability, on the X's and O's side.

Dime asks us...If you can pick one player, for one defensive stop, who's your man? I think I'm going Kevin Garnett on this


James said...

Can we please stop talking about Lebron and 2010! It is ridiculous that everyone continues to talk about his impending free agency and ultimate courtship by the Knicks. A LOT can happen between now and then. He still has to finish this and the next season with the Cavs. Come on people, to quote Mark Jackson, "Your better than that!"