Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

Mo Cheeks says its his fault, the under achievement in Philly. Lotta job openings out there. Smooth move Mo.

ESPN has their new, crazy technology, super fancy, mock 2009 draft.

Ken Berger, CBS Sports, with a great breakdown of a recent Sports Business Journal, most influential people in sports article. Also from BergerSphere, thanks for the shout-out to yesterday's Breakdown!

Ball Don't Lie interview with OJ Mayo.

The Knicks Fix, saying the trade for Bell/Diaw was a trade for D'Antoni in the long run. I find this VERY hard to believe, considering I can't think of one good reason why Larry Brown would ever want to coach Eddy Curry again. This looks like someone's silly idea, went public, and i haven't found any backing yet.

SLAM, reporting that Pacer's Coach, Jim O'Brien, thought his team would suck this year. Well, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure it's good to have a leader with some confidence in his team...? Coach D'Antoni said last week, the players are only as good as the coach thinks they are. Deep thought.


David said...

Knicks need to get rid of everyone older than 30..just get a really good young core..Make sure all their contracts are low until they sign Lebron, then give everyone a raise after that..