Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

Breakin' Down The Game got some good pub today over at CBS Sports! Check out BergerSphere linking CBS readers to last night's Breakdown.

TrueHoop reminds us of a great [for the fans] Darko Milicic rant last year. O man, so good:
"He's already something of an internet legend for an absolutely insane x-rated 2007 tirade against international referees."

Every time a coach gets fired, Jerry Sloan manages to come into the conversation. Well deserved. Jerry's coached more games than Red Auerbach did with the Celtics (!). 222 coaches have been replaced since he started (!). JA Adande, ESPN, with a tribute to Coach Sloan. Founding member of FreeDarko.com, Bethlehem Shoals, shares his thoughts on Sloan.

My MAIN man, Ahmad Rashad, interviewed at Ball Don't Lie, talkin MJ and more. Yea, you wanna check that out.

SLAM, Appreciating LeBron James' new defensive skills. If Bosh, Wade and LeBron did make a pact in China, it was probably that they're all going to challenge each other on getting defensive recognition. Wade is averaging just about two blocks and two steals per game. Sick.

D Wade on Okafor Last Night


willie said...

nothing lost in translation on that darko tape,, wow.. and I thought the refs here were bad..

David said...

Speaking of Ahmad, who used to watch NBA inside stuff? I still remember the episode where they hung out with one of the best high school players before he committed to going to UCal...Guy was Jason Kidd, good scouting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats D-Love on the shout-out