Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday Breakdown

LeBron + The Batman = These Kicks

Chris Paul, making history, getting a steal in his 106th straight game.

Kenny "The [Real] Jet" Smith interview on Ball Don't Lie.

A must-see Bucks game? On December 20th, the Bucks will attempt to break 6 different Guinness World Records.

You really have to read this post from ex-NBA player Gabe Muoneke on HoopsHype. Now playing in China, he was jumped by the locker room, in front of his family, by the entire opposing team. Must-read, great story and hilarious stuff.

Congrats to Terry Porter, getting his number retired in Portland.

Kevin McHale is not a fan of bloggers. Feeling's mutual.

Dime asks, Who are the Top NBA Villians? Bruce Bowen is my pick...dirty bastid. Some missing names....Kendrick Perkins, Amare Stoudamire...anyone else?

Shane Battier, answering questions from fans.

From the Knicks Blog, we're reminded that Trevor Ariza was Isiah Thomas' first-ever draft pick as Knicks president, getting him in the second round at pick #43! Compare that to Danilo Gallinari, at #6, and....FI-RE DON-NIE! No no no, I joke.


David said...

Seems like a simple shoe..Did u see Lebron last nite. 14-20 from the 40 minutes he had 0 turnovers, thats unreal for a guy who touches the ball bascially every play for the Cavs...

willie said...


the worst i ever saw was karl malone,,

if u ever notice, isiah thomas has a nice scar across his top eyelid,, courtesy of karl,, it was a real gusher,, the eye area is infamous for gushers,, any way , thats my pick,,

D.Miz said...

LeBron is just stupid good...He's already won the MVP, and the only one that can compete is Dwayne Wade at this point, although his team isn't winning enough for it to go to him.

I tried finding that video of Karl Malone and Isiah...couldn't find it. I didn't know that. Would love to see that video if you find it.

David said...

its his best year yet...compared to last year averaging 1 less turnover a game, 9% better on his free throws..a little less in rebounds/assists/points, but the guy is playing only 35 minutes a game when in the past he avg'ed 40-42 a game