Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Breakdown

David Thorpe's new Rookie report is out, on, and guess who's finally made it to the top? OJ Mayo! I've been on record all year saying the minutes and green light make well for a Rookie of the Year candidate, and with Derrick Rose's recent struggles (mostly on defense), OJ's taken the lead.

Shaq, sounding like Big, BIG, Baby, crying about not getting enough touches. I'm surprised he's still singing that tune, considering he's got Amare, Nash and J Rich on his team. Sharing is caring big fella.

LeBron + Ice Cube = This TV Show

Yesterday, Ball Don't Lie interviewed The Jet. Today, we get Ernie, the brains behind the TNT Emmy-Award winning studio show.

STAT's got a blog! So how long before he publicly demands a trade on it?

Be careful Raptor fans....don't boo your superstar, soon-to-be, free agent.

HoopsWorld says Flip Saunders has an open invite to be the next coach in Philly. Makes sense, they could really use some more offensive options.

Speaking of...EB is out for a month, from a dislocated shoulder he suffered last night. Another blow to the Sixers, although this might be a good thing considering they played a lot better last year without Brand.

Lil Wayne's blogging again. Don't do it Weezy...don't pick Kobe over MJ.

It's nice to see some players with enough confidence and balls to allow their teammates to yell at them. With all the success CP3 and the Hornets have had, their ego's still haven't inflated to the point of not taking criticism.

Knickerblogger breakin' down the Knicks roster spots.