Sunday, December 21, 2008

Monday Wake n Break

*Rotoworld, Breakin down the Fantasy Week Ahead.

*A wise man learns from the mistakes of others (Boozer)...That's what LeBron James did this weekend when he said publicly that the Cavs are moving in the right direction, and its possible he signs a contract extension this offseason, contrary to recent thoughts that he'd move to New York. Ken Berger catches up with Wade and Bosh about the topic.

*Chris Paul watches so much ball, he can see the future.

*Marc Stein gives out his trimester awards in ESPN's Weekend Dime. Also in the Dime is a Q&A with Al Harrington.

*A Free Darko, Sunday rant.

*It's possible this season, we see NBA records broken for best and worst teams. ESPN officially starts the 72-game watch, and also keeps an eye on the Thunder and their horrible start.

*SLAM goes one-on-one with Charlie Villinueva. Come on Charlie could you be a New Yorker and a Reggie Miller fan??

*Upside and Motor gives us the NBA Archetype Hierarchy. Great read from last week.

Can Charles Barkley Dodge A Shoe Like Dubya?


willie said...

barkely avoided a size 15 shoe,, wow,, the guy can still duck..


David said...

Boozer is a great business man...but i dont think utah is gonna let him get away with that again

willie said...

boozer is a loozer..