Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Breakdown

"Jesus Christ himself could come out here and coach us, but if we don't go out there and play hard and play together, it won't mean nothing." - Al Jefferson, via Ball Don't Lie

Randy Wittman lost his job today, and being replaced by his boss, Kevin McHale. Apparently Kevin McHale needed a job, since he lost his at the same time, as GM. I imagine the only reason it went down like that, is because when he fails again, they won't make the comparison to Isiah Thomas nonstop. However, i think it's safe to say there's no way those comparisons won't be made, with the horrendous job both GMs did for their franchises. Good luck!

ESPN is placing odds on which coach is next to go. More importantly, which coach is going to come back? I think Eddie Jordan has to get scooped up sooner than later. Maybe OKC takes him? I wonder if he'd take that job, or would wait for a more lucrative one. with, yet another, Kobe vs. MJ comparison. Good article, with some great links. Love MJ...

Q&A with Kenyon Martin at Dime Mag, weighing in on Pac vs. BIG debate. Come on're better than that. BIG all the way.

Another Q&A, this time with Chris Webber at Ball Don't Lie, talking business, his new off the court teammate Gary Payton, and more.

Josh Smith Video Interview from HoopsHype, claiming the Hawks are at the top of the east, with Boston, Cleveland and Orlando. I'll give him Orlando, because I don't think they're that good, but not a shot comparing the Hawks to Boston and Cleveland. Hope they prove me wrong...

So...Baron Davis is a getting paid 250K to endorse a weight-loss drink, and it required him to gain weight in the offseason. Come on, that can't be real, right? I'd imagine the new Collective Bargaining Agreement might have to take this into consideration, and not allow athletes to do ridiculous stuff like this. As for the Clippers, I'd be pretty ticked off that we just gave Baron $62.5 Million, and he went out and gained weight for an additional quarter of one million? bueno Diddy. Slam Online has the story.


willie said...

i would bet that mccants takes a bigger role in the offense going forward.. his numbers were really good from last year.
the wolves gottta make some changes,, add mike love to that mix also..

enjoy, !!

D.Miz said...

who's mike love again?

David said...

What a smile on Webber!

D.Miz said...

You guys see this picture?

What a face on Camby...also some great expressions in the crowd. Love it!