Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Breakdown

Power Rankings, both and Anything surprise you? Leave it below.

TrueHoop tells us to get ready for NBA teams in Europe.

SLAM tells us why Mo Cheeks was fired, and what they should do now.

Frank Isola, saying Nash is going to be in NY with LeBron, Bosh and [maybe] Wade??

There was a day when Eddy Curry was the "Next Shaq." Oh man, yea, not close. See what Shaq has to say about that now.

The Knicks Fix, on Harrington's playoff hopes, the Mobley trade exception, and more.

K-Mart, Video interview on his wack wack wack tattoo on his neck (the Lips).

Pau Gasol and Mike Miller romantically engaged?? What a shot...Thanks to BDL for the best laugh I had all day.

Tell me this isn't true....Bonzi Wells signed for 40K to play in China???? No way, right?

Who's the worst player in the NBA? Dime asks and answers...Who do YOU think it is?? Jared Jeffries, Malik Rose, Anthony Roberson and x-Knick Mardy Collins should all be on this list. Isiah Thomas...the gift that never stops giving.


willie said...

I vote jerome james,,
he has to be the worst. !!

rumor,, d lee and curry to charlotte for 2 former d/antoni boys,, diaw and raja,,
same salries too,,

seems fair,, no?

D.Miz said...

There are rules against that. A traded player can't be traded with another player for at least 2 months (and obviously before the trading deadline). So it'd have to be two separate deals at the minimum.

Also, I'm not sure why anyone would assume that Larry Brown wants anything to do with Eddy Curry (again). Highly doubt it. Probably Jerome James is better at this point.

David said...

Baby Jordan for Harold Miner might be more absurd than Baby Shaq..

Altho Miner was a good dunker, he played only 4 seasons and scored a total of 1801 points over that period. Jordan on the other hand scored 5987 points over his career-in the playoffs alone.

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