Thursday, January 22, 2009

"The Rooster" and Thursday's Breakdown

*Alonzo Mourning retired from basketball today. Easy Hall of Famer, right?

“He was the very best thing that ever happened to this franchise,” said Pat Riley, sitting between Mourning and owner Micky Arison at the news conference. “He will always be respected by Micky and myself for being the taproot of a culture that we’re really proud of. He embodies that.”

Riley’s voice cracked as he finished his thought.

“We love you, Zo,” he said. “You will wear that jersey one more time— when we rip it off your back and hang it from the rafters.”

Well said...

*Everyone's about to know D. Wade has an STD. Ouch...

*Are we loving what Danilo Gallinari, aka Gallo, aka The Rooster, is bringing to the table? His been very impressive with his first few games as a Knick. Good look to my man Hayden for supplying The Rooster highlights:


David said...

Alonzo had an interesting career. He did have a great career for an NBA player, but he was always compared to Shaq because they came out the same time..which in comparison, his career isn't nearly as impressive.

I also don't feel like Alonzo ever dominated the court the way other players have.

Overall good career tho..Had some great seasons.

David said...

wow-that dwade story is nuts!!!

he was supposed to be the posterchild for religious people who were the atypical nba stars.

big blow to nba image

Anonymous said...

the guys on the mavs said, d-wade was ridiculous in the finals, but if it wasn't for alonzo mournings defense [and i add intensity], they would have never won the title.

James said...

Alonzo was a great player, but not quite Hall of Fame material in my opinion. WTF D-Wade!!!!! You are about to leak money like a hose. You can't go around giving people germs. Major blow to on the the perceived wholesome guys players in the league.

D.Miz said...

James, that kind of relentless intensity HAS to be rewarded. To keep the energy THAT high, for that amount of time, is hall of fame material. Not just about what he did on the court, it was the personality of the Heat from the get go, led by Pat Riley and Alonzo. He's definitely a hall of famer.

Name another person, besides KG, who has EVER been as intense and spread that intensity within the locker room and on the court. There's NO one (maybe your boy Mark Madson, but he was also a product of KG)

David said...

Jeff Van Gundy had that intensity

David said...

Can someone else please comment on D-Wade..This guy was voted father of the year, now turned into Shawn Kemp

Anonymous said...

Yo what up Dmiz. I just want to say this blog is daaaa bombbbb....


Your wrong bout Alonzo. Unfortunately the NBA hall of fame isnt as picky as it should be. Baseball has the right idea. NBA has weaker HOF requirements. They just dont get the same debates about the Hall as Baseball does.

Lets look at Alonzo's numbers. Over his career, he averaged 17 points, 8 boards, 3 blocks. That isn't that great. Add that to the fact that he only played more than 70 games 6 times out of a 16 year career and it gets kinda fuzzy on how consistent he was. Also, dude was 69% from the free throw line and was NEVER the best player on his team, I wouldnt say he was better than Tim Hardaway or LJ, but they were prob the same level. Thats a huge deal. He is getting a lot of press/hype because of his comeback, which is great. But the guy isn't a Ewing/Hakeem/Robinson like everyone expected him to be.

D.Miz said...

How do you have...he averaged 3 blocks per game, and 'that isn't great' near each other?!?!?!

7 time all-star, and NBA champion.

Oh, and let me add this..

"Mourning was diagnosed in October 2000 with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a career-threatening kidney disease. He missed most of the ensuing season but rejoined the Heat in March 2001 and made the All-Star team the following year.

When his condition worsened, he missed the entire 2002-03 season and underwent a transplant in 2003."

That's a warrior, and a hall of famer to me.

Mr. Anonymous...whomever you might be.....yr crazy! (but thanks for stoppin by!)

David said...

I guess if Adrian Dantley and James Worthy can make it, so can Zo.

But doesnt mean its right...NBA has to get more selective.