Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Breakdown

Lotta good links today. We're starting off the New Year strong, got a nice shout out again on CBS Sports. For any/all of those new readers....we'll keep it interesting, so keep coming back for more. But while you're here...might as well break it down with me! Drop me a line below.

*I'm a little late on this, but did Charles Barkley really say THAT to the cops...?? (Rated R for explicit talk of a BJ, not named Armstrong.)

*My man Brandon from is now writing daily for Real GM. Check out his first Scoop Du Jour, giving us links from around the L.

*Pretty dope basketball blog, Obsessionism, seen first at TrueHoop. Their latest post, an unbelievable graphical breakdown of a team's clutch stats, and coming up with interesting conclusions and revealing data about coaches, players, and more.

*The New York Times had another take on the Mike D'Antoni's effect to the team and their stats. Much like all stats in a D'Antoni system, the inflation of numbers/stats doesn't tell the whole story. Fact is, the Knicks still need to be more efficient. Thanks to my man Mo for the tip.

*Staying on the topic, I am SO thankful of Hardwood Paroxysm. A must-read article, that actually makes sense (!), comparing The Joker, to Mike D'Antoni's system, 7SOL. Brilliant, and definitely one of the funniest pic's I've ever seen.

*A Dime Q&A with my favorite new fantasy player, G Dub. Thanks Dave!

* Power Rankings. Power Rankings. Also, ESPN's writers predict whats in store for 09.

*Coach Muss compares the two leading ROY candidates and what makes Derrick Rose and OJ Mayo both very special.

*Kobe, or no Kobe? Pay off the house, pay off the car, and then kick that cow to the curb, my man. Stupid ass wanted him to take the box with one grand....don't get me started....


David said...

I dont know how boston is so high considering they just looked terrible against the Knicks...