Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday Wake N Break

*Knicks Coach Mike D'Antoni, on concealed weapons and wanting to shoot Nate Robinson.

*Staying on the Knickerbocker tip, a video of last week's win on 7 Seconds or Mess, breaking down the Sun's poor Defense and David Lee beasting them on the pick and roll repeatedly.

*TrueHoop goes on one one with newly retired Alonzo Mourning.

*Bad news for Michael Redd owners (fantasy and reality). Redd is out for the season with a tore MCL/ACL (not sure what that means, but sounds pretty bad).

*Quote of the Weekend. Shaq, on Dwight Howard:

"He's a good player, but everything he's done I've invented, so I'm not impressed," O'Neal said. "For me to get my eyes wide open about another big man, he'll have to do something that I haven't seen before or something that I haven't invented. Everything that he's done, I've invented it."

*Ball Don't Lie gives us a video of a designed double alley-oop, that worked in a game. Cute, but not very practical and the opposing team was playing zero defense (or boxing out).


David said...

Shaq is so impressed with himself that its hard for him to say someone else is a quality player. What an ego..Look how he talked crap bout Kobe, yes Kobe is a prick, so no one cared, but Dwight is a much better guy. The only thing Dwight ripped off from shaq was his terrible free throws. They are totally different players. Shaq could never win a slam dunk contest and doesnt have nearly the athletic ability of Howard.

That being said, shaq was the most dominint player of his era. I guess now that he is fading from the limelight, its tough for him to pass the baton..

You would think he would be secure enough in himself at this stage in his life not to say those things. You dont see Jordan making comments about Lebron or Kobe.

Also I question whether he really invented being a dominant center. Look at Hakeem/Ewing/Robinson, they were all dominant centers before Shaq. Those 3 really dominated the position--and none of them ever had a Kobe.

James said...

It is an understatement to say that Shaq has an over-inflated sense of worth. He simply won the lottery, and came along at the right time. Do you think that he would have beasted against Wilt? He was simply a physical freak with very limited basketball ability. Outside of 7 feet Shaq can shoot all day. He is right about one thing, he did perpetually stink of the foul line long before Howard was a factor!

David said...

Good point. He also didnt really succeed when Hakeem/Ewing/Robinson were in their primes--altho the bulls really dominated this era. The Rockets did sweep Shaq and the Magic in the finals one year..It wasn't until all the stars like Jordan/big 3 centers were on their way out till he won

willie said...

class is in session..

ramon is the man,, playing the 2 guard for redd..

he could be the real deal..