Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Breakdown

*The 4th contestant in the 2009 NBA Dunk Contest was decided. Winner is Rudy Fernandez, who is known mostly for this dunk over Dwight Howard. Definitely the worst choice of the three. Did you see Russell Westbrook's dunk over Mario Chalmers of the Heat? Good look to my boy Barksdale on the Joe Alexander, ridiculous videos. I can't imagine Rudy Fernandez doing anything cool at all. In fact, between now and then I'm betting he bows out. He's up against Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson and Rudy Gay. Alrigghhhhtttt Rudy!!!

*From TrueHoop, NBA players on number 44.

*I'm bringing back an old Mark Cuban link, on why he voted for Obama. Great read. A wise man once said, "He's a jackass, but a very smart jackass." Proud to be an American.

"Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could. In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.

That dream, staying viable, being reinvigorated, will do more for this country than any economic policy or any legislation that could ever be passed....

...As any successful CEO will tell you, leadership, vision and motivation has far more impact on results than any tax cut or increase. While I prefer lower taxes, I can tell you that no entrepreneur or CEO worth a damn in this country gives up or works less because of a change in tax policy. In this country you work harder to achieve your dreams and goals."