Thursday, January 29, 2009

All-Star Reserves

If you've been watching TNT or NBA TV, you've basically been seeing Kenny Smith and Eric Snow, vs. Gary Payton and Chris Webber. The debate? What makes for an All-Star. Does the second best player on a top team get the nod, over the best player on a lottery team?

After the results came in, it looks like the East Coaches and the West Coaches are having a similar debate. The East Coaches picked Danny Granger and Chris Bosh, both on struggling teams, while the West stayed away from players like Marcus Camby and Al Jefferson and doubled up on New Orleans with a surprising pick, Teaneck's own David West

So what's the verdict? Who got snubbed? Who shouldn't be in Phoenix come All-Star Weekend?

I'll start the conversation with this...

Rashard Lewis has no place on the East All-Star team. He is a below average defender, rebounder, passer and post-up player. He's a little too one-dimensional for my taste. I really liked the Devin Harris and Danny Granger picks.

2009 Reserves

Paul Pierce Boston F
Chris Bosh Toronto F/C
Joe Johnson Atlanta G
Danny Granger Indiana F
Devin Harris New Jersey G
Rashard Lewis Orlando F
Jameer Nelson Orlando G

Dirk Nowitzki Dallas F
Pau Gasol L.A. Lakers C
Tony Parker San Antonio G
Brandon Roy Portland G
Shaquille O'Neal Phoenix C
Chauncey Billups Denver G
David West New Orleans F


willie said...

Unfortunately allstars are rarely picked for their defense prowess, otherwise camby and d lee would be in hands down.

James said...

Danny Van Gundy and his defense. The All-Star game has very little to do with defense. People attend and watch the game for the scoring, period. I am somewhat disgusted with the picks this year. I am extremely biased but Antwan Jamison has been playing like a animal doing all that he can to lead the Wizards to some level of consistent winning. This man is averaging a double-double, and you are telling me he can't get a spot as a reserve? We truly have to stop fan voting, it is a disgrace. There are 3 guys on the Eastern roster that I have problems with. And Shaq, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! This is a joke now, excuse me. I have to go divest my breakfast!

D.Miz said...

Dude, the Wiz suck are not getting an All-Star. If Antwan was a REAL All-Star they'd have double digit wins by now.

As for who to replace Rashard Lewis, the more i think about it, the more i like David Lee. As of today, only Dwight Howard has more double doubles (34 to 33). That's kind of consistency is very impressive.

James said...

Last I heard basketball was a TEAM sport. One man cannot single-handedly make a team. And the next time I see you I'm gonna have to lay you out. You are going to stop bashing my team!

David said...

Dear Dmiz,

I'm gonna lay u out also..