Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Breakdown

Damn, it must be bad to be a Wiz fan right now. Not saying I don't like how the Knicks are playing, but the Wiz lose to pretty much everyone. Nick Young is on fire (scoring more than 28 in 3 of the last 4 games, with ridiculous efficiency, better than 65% from the field). Tough Juice pitched in with 25, Antawn with 15, Mike James 4-4 from 3-point, and still wasn't enough to get the win. Chris Duhon, already leading the league in minutes played with over 39, played 41 tonight, but it was David Lee who killed it, scoring 30 points while getting 10 boards and 6 assists. Knicks 128, Wash 122.

*How do they do it? and 7 Seconds or Mess show us a great video of their new and improved defense.

*Rick Fox is obviously bored, now blogging for I don't recommend clicking on that link, it's incredibly boring. Just thought it was funny actually. Shouldn't he be on a soap opera or something?

*Mark Cuban is probably the corniest person to be around. I imagine his friends suffering, but they must befriend him since he's worth more than a billion, right? Anyway, he had a big problem with JR Smith during their last meeting with the Nuggets. Oh Mark, you're so witty.

*As predicted (well, we hoped for...), Eddy Curry may file for defamation. Better....he needs shed these allegations...

*Ball Don't Lie goes one-on-one with Tough Juice, Caron Butler.

*Contradictory from yesterday's report, the Nets won't be playing preseason games in Newark. Apparently, the MetroNetsuals are facing an identity crisis.

*Russel Westbrook is emerging as a candidate for the Rookie of the Year Award. David Thorpe has a great take on his improvement and his abnormal ability to rebound for a guard:

Westbrook is rapidly improving, and we can project him to be capable of running a terrific team one day. He also has the potential to be an All-Star. He has a long way to go as a shooter, but give credit to head coach Scott Brooks for letting Westbrook do what he does best on offense: Rebound. Westbrook reminds me of a young Dwyane Wade, relentless on the glass with his effort, long arms, great timing and big hops. He's a rebounding difference-maker, something point guards usually aren't. Teams already tweak their game plan when preparing to face him, and he just turned 20 years old.

Westbrook is basically tied with power forward Nick Collison for the team lead in offensive rebounds per game. The Thunder may sit last in the NBA standings, but they rank 11th in offensive rebound rate.


David said...

finding funny rick fox pictures is quite enjoyable past is one with longer hair

D.Miz said...

Dude, i am not even going to lie. I was so close to putting up a collage of hysterical RF pictures, but then i just thought that maybe no one would come back....haha.

willie said...

did u actually read that ungrateful moron's blog?
he just now found himself? what a hypocrite, he lived here as an alien for 25 years, he got paid millions under our american system, he raised kids here, educated them, and reaped all the benefits that america offered him, and under who;s leadership? two guys named BUSH. this guy is a real moron in my book.