Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Breakdown

*Thanks to BDTG reader Willie for a story on the Vanilla Grandmilla.

*Ken Berger reports, Larry Bird is an...Eminem fan?

*One of my favorite writers, Scoop Jackson, telling us the LeBron to NYC talk is over.

*Lil Wayne on First Take! Oh man, who woulda thought Lil Wayne and Skip Bayless would battle it out.

via BDL, Kings Rookie Prank

via SLAM, Paul Rogan NBA Rap

via TrueHoop, Steve Nash will beat you
in a Free Throw Shooting Contest


David said...

I love Spencer Hawes quote--I got loads of popcorn in my whip, in my scelade. (who abbreviates escalade)

David said...

This guy could be Nash