Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Breakdown

*Rafer Alston has a lot to say about last night's Rockets game against the Knicks, in today's Daily Dime.. Tracy McGrady had the hot hand to start the fourth quarter, but wound up wasting away key possessions late in the game to give the victory to the Knicks. Ron Artest went a horrible 1-1o from the 3-point line, trying to create his own shots, and usually not getting the rock from good ball movement.

"They were able to capitalize off our selfishness, and we have to decide whether we're going to play one-on-one, or we're going to pass the ball to each other and play team ball."

*Want to know the best players to have for the remainder of the Fantasy BBall season? Rotoworld.com breaks it down for us, and grades each team.

*Berger makes the case for Danny Granger as an All-Star. I have to agree. According to Yahoo, in the standard 9 categories, Danny Granger is ranked 4th (!!). Only D.Wade, LeBron, and Chris Paul are ahead of him.

The case for Danny Granger as an All-Star reserve. According to Real GM (via Ballerblogger), Granger is the 22nd-ranked player in the NBA measured by the Floor Impact Counter. LeBron James is the only small forward rated higher.


willie said...

Do u think the knicks will be finally represented by david lee?
I hope so. He's having a great year.

James said...

David Lee is an absolute monster and I love his game. I remember a couple of weeks ago when they played the Wiz and this guy pulled down 21 boards. I have always loved his energy, and he definitely deserves a spot on the All-Star team.