Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, What a night...

The jumbotron at the Garden said this week is "Dream Week," with the Knicks facing the Lakers, Cavs, and Celtics all in 5 days. I wouldn't quite call it that....maybe Hell Week? Anyway, history was made tonight at the Garden, where Kobe Bryant went off for 61 (!) points. The most ever scored at Madison Square Garden (and made it looks sweasy, so easy). Kobe went 19-31 from the field, and 20-20 from the line. The Knicks tried to hang with the Lakers, but Kobe and Co were just too much.

*Injury bug is back. Bynum got the word that he's out 8-12 weeks. Chris Paul didn't look good limping off the court, and Jameer Nelson is out for quite some time (and definitely the All-Star Game) with a separated shoulder injury. Tough break for the newbee All-Star.


David said...

great performance by Kobe, but lets be real, its not even close to best performance at the Garden. This is no comparison to the game were Jordan went for 55 against a "Real" Knicks team.

Just for kicks, I looked up how many points per game Knicks gave up this year vs. 1995 the year of Jordans game.

This year--107 points allowed a game

The 1994-95 team--95 points allowed a game.

Sorry Kobe!!!!

willie said...

michael was the first and last option on a bulls team that he featured.yeah, scottie pippen was good also.. but thats it.

but kobe,, wow,, he plays to the moment. full squad, he plays his part, men short, he takes over.
he controls the flow, the tempo like no one ive ever seen.
he has really matured before our eyes to one of the games greatest. im not ready to replace jordan with kobe as the greatest yet, but if anyone can do it, it is kobe.

James said...

Well said Willie!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Dmiz quit his job to become an assistant coach on Hofstra's Women's basketball team. Can anyone substantiate this rumor?

David said...

more entries!!!!