Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Breakdown

Quote of the day: "I'm at a point in my career now, if I don't win an NBA championship, it's a failure" - LeBron James, quoted by Jeff Zillgitt, USA Today.

*Gilbert Arenas talkin' trash about the Cavs to Dime Magazine. Uhm, Mr. Zero, I mean, Agent Zero, let's not talk trash for a little bit. (That'll rattle my boys down in D.C.)

*The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons put out, I guess what you could call a Season Preview. He likens the NBA to the curves of "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks. If you follow Bill Simmons, then you didn't doubt that for a second.

*A 6'8" woman dunks on some little girl's head over at You Got Dunked On

*Michael Wilbon of the Washington Post (and PTI) writes about the NBA having one of it's highest approval ratings in the last few years.

*I think people are starting to finally accept that Deron Williams and Chris Paul will always be compared to each other. Fact is, they came in together, and they're both sick, sick, point guards on fantastic teams. It shows what a "tiny" decision like 'draft pick' can mean. Same thing will happen with LeBron, D.Wade and Melo, only Melo and LeBron want, what D.Wade has. Well anyway, ESPN the Magazine breaks down the best two point guards in the league.


David said...

Michael Wilbon is a moron...PTI is a terrible show aswell..One of many guys in sports industry who loves to hear himself talk.

D.Miz said...

Damn homey. Tell us how you really feel!