Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chattin' with David Thorpe, ESPN

I've been attending Chat's of David Thorpe for a long time, on the ESPN Website. Most 'chatters' stick to the script and just talk basketball. Thorpe, however, chats about anything under the sun. While he knows a great deal about basketball, coaching, the NBA, etc., even Thorpe would agree that X's and O's don't matter nearly as much as your attitude and work ethic. Here's a few questions he was kind of enough to answer:

D.Miz (BreakinDownTheGame): Sup Thorpe. I don't know if i'm sad, or mad about the Isiah thing. I hope what they say about him throwing his 17 year old daughter under the bus is not true, but its hard to deny....

SportsNation David Thorpe: Pure sadness all around. Hope everything ends up ok.

D.Miz (BreakinDownTheGame): Last night at the ring ceremony, Tom Thibedeou was introduced as "Associate Head Coach." I don't recall hearing that before. I know he deserves it, without a doubt, he was a key reason for success (their D was one of the best ever). Does anyone else have that title?

SportsNation David Thorpe: I think he had it last year. Anyone know?

D.Miz (BreakinDownTheGame): 2 weeks back, i didn't attend a post, but i read it afterwards. You put a list of the top coaches in the league and left Byron Scott off. Considering I've seen you praise him in the past, we'll chalk that up as a typo! Future Hall of Fame coach (no?). He'll never have trouble getting another job, he's so good.

SportsNation David Thorpe: You are right. He's been terrific.

D.Miz (BreakinDownTheGame): Lopez bros are looking great early on. You see them sticking around? Hollinger said the only thing Robin and Bynum have in common is their last names have 5 letters. That's silly i think. With the right practice/coach, both of them have a chance to be like Bynum.

SportsNation David Thorpe: Listen, can they get at least one real game under their belts first?

Hey, we can't always get the answers we want!


James said...

You are going to ride those Lopez brothers until the wheels fall off huh?

D.Miz said...

Don't be mad one of them whipped on your boys last night!

Marcus said...

To qoute Bill Simmons "No one respects them because their names sound like they should be hot chicks"