Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ring Ceremony and TNT Tip-Off

TNT started their NBA action a little early today, to cover the Boston Celtics Ring Ceremony. It was definitely an emotional one, and I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about it tomorrow. Paul Pierce got hit the most, a lot of tears. This is a real Celtic. Not like Ray or KG. How many guys play for the same team this long in today's game? Kobe, Timmy, sheesh, I think that's about it.

I loved how they introduced Tom Thibedeou as the "Associate Head Coach." Oh, he definitely deserves that. Thibedeou is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the league. You could definitely make an argument that KG and Tom's Defensive intensity combined, is #1 reason they won a chip. He was heavily pursued by some teams this summer, but stuck with the Celtics. Defensive specialist, JVG apprentice. Boston Herald today had a feature on Tom. You want to learn about this guy.

Charles Barkley agreed with me on my Rookie of the Year pick, OJ Mayo. I'm kind of doubting my pick for the first time now. I joke, I like that pick plenty. David Alrdige cleared up some of the Monta Ellis mess. Basically Monta Ellis doesn't want to be suspended 30 games and let the Warriors reserve the right to terminate the contract.

I've heard in the past that TNT's Ernie Johnson is NOT the nerdy white guy he acts like on TNT. He's supposedly a lot more casual. This video definitely does NOT show that.

Must see TV right here:

Inside the NBA: Is Ernie Black or White?


Marcus said...

Ernie is SUPER white as are you my friend

D.Miz said...

don't be mad this white boy got game!

when i make it big, don't worry, i'll bring yo broke ass along for the ride, haha.

David said...

I have to admit, A lot of people in the history have tried to "break down the game". First there was John Kundla, then Red Auerbach. Modern Day history of greats that have "broken down the game" include Phil Jackson and Pat Riley.

I wouldn't put this blog in the same league as any of those guys. But I think Dmiz breaks it down somewhere between Don Nelson and Isiah Thomas

D.Miz said...

hahahaahahaha. That's quite a range. Putting me in the same paragraph as those guys.....I'll take it how i can get it!

Jimmy fricken Kimmel ovaaa heaaaa....

James said...

Wow, Isiah, that is all I have to say. My friend, I would have to disagree with your pick for Rookie of the Year. I have absolutely zero balls with this pick but I truly believe it will be Derrick Rose. The Bulls will be a better team than the Griz, point blank. I like Ernie, but he is a textbook example of LAME!

Anonymous said...

rookie of the year,,/.?

hmmm is there still time for oden to do it?

thats my vote,!!!