Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Breakdown

Very slow day today. You get the vibe that the media, players, coaches, everyone is getting ready for Opening Day. Starting tomorrow, one of the best seasons in NBA history awaits. I can say that with confidence because every year just gets better. It begins on TNT, an Eastern Conference Finals rematch, where the Cavs barely lost to the Celtics in 7 games. The Celtics are looking to prove they still have the fire and intensity it takes to win a championship. The Cavs just want revenge. Following that game is Greg Oden’s debut, facing of against Mr. 81, Kobe Bryant. Twin tower combos facing off, in Oden/Aldridge, and Gasol/Bynum. The third game of the night is Scotty Skiles going back to Chicago to face his former team.

Let’s break down Monday…

*The power rankings came out on both and I am all about the quote from Ray Allen that Marc Stein got. “MJ told me when you win one, you’ve just [been] lucky.’ That is so hardcore and every time I hear something about Michael this is exactly how I feel. He’s just THE man. There was an article on ESPN that Scoop Jackson wrote way back when, that described how he felt when Michael Jordan came into a party he was attending. He said the whole place froze and everyone stared, and before you know it, he was gone like a gust of wind. That’s sick.

*A really long story on Donnie Walsh in New York Magazine. It’s a great read about New York, the Knicks, and some very specific moments in basketball. I went to the Donnie Walsh Forum for Knicks Season Subscribers, and listening to him speak, it just feels like you’ve been chatting with him for years. He sounds so familiar, and is such a New Yorker. It’s really nice and comforting to have him at the helm.

*Monta Ellis finally speaks to the media about his moped accident. It looks to me like the Warriors should have gone with their gut and just cut Monta immediately for voiding his contract. They tried to play nice, and only suspend him 30 games ($3 Mil), but now he’s contesting the suspension with the Players Union.

*Henry Abbott, whom I’d love to have his job, wrote a great article about ‘his’ Blazers. It’s a great article of course in data, facts, etc, but most important it shows his passion for the team and the game. Something’s wrong if you’re a basketball fan and this doesn’t pump you up. Did I mention opening day is tomorrow?!

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Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. NBA peaked with Jordan in the 90s. Don't believe me??? Check the Nielson ratings


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The retirement of Michael Jordan set in motion the decline in NBA ratings which continues today. Ratings for the 1999 NBA Finals (which in fairness, came after a lockout shortened season) were down significantly from the previous year, from an 18.7 to an 11.3. Primetime regular season games, which had become fairly routine (and highly-rated) during the Jordan years, set record lows for NBC once Jordan retired. With the rise of the Los Angeles Lakers in the early part of the 2000s, ratings improved, but never to the level of the Bulls' dynasty.The highest NBA Finals ratings on NBC after Jordan left was the 2001 Finals, which featured the dominant and then-defending champion Lakers versus the polarizing Allen Iverson and the underdog Philadelphia 76ers. The ratings for that series were a 12.1, still down 35 percent from 1998. NBC's last Finals, in 2002, came after a resurgence in playoff ratings (including a 14.2 rating for Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals). However, the Finals itself registered the lowest ratings the event had seen since 1981, topping out at a 10.2 average.

Antone said...

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D.Miz said...

Actually, that was true, until today.

Michael Wilbon reports today that the NBA has never had this high of a approval rating. I'll post this again tonight for the Tuesday Breakdown.

"It's been years since the NBA opened a season with such a high approval rating. "
Full story here:

David said...

approval rating??? we talkin george bush or lebron james?

I wish my links weren't broken in the cut and paste. Check the tv ratings way down...Even for last yrs Celtic/Laker one. Cant even hold a candle to the Jordan era finals.

That said, Internationally I know bball is more popular, dont know #'s tho