Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Breakdown

*Although injured for another few weeks, Martell Websiter signed almost an identical deal to Jason Maxiell, getting $20 Million over 4 years.  It's a good value deal, but I would have rather seen him come back strong, and test the restricted free agent market.  However, Kevin Pritchard has been great the last few years, and probably assumed someone else would offer more at the end of the season, that he would want to match.  

*Shaq talking to Marc Stein, ESPN, and back-tracking a little on his comment this summer, of having 735 days left.  Now he's saying it was just how many days until his contract runs up.  They also cover topics like Tim Duncan's greatness, the "Kobe Rap," and his future on the Suns.  Also in this weekend dime, a quick Q&A with T-Mac.

*Staying with ESPN, Hollinger gives us his All-Decline Team, covering fluke players, guys who can't shoot, bigs with bigs (known to Knicks fans as the Zach/Curry), and then calling out the Spurs, Suns, and Mavs (wow).  I don't believe it, not yet.  Tim Duncan is playing great and as long as they make it to the playoffs, Manu will be healthy again and they'll be really hard to beat.  Why are people counting out J.Kidd, Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitski?  That's a pretty good threesome.  There's a lot of talk about J.Kidd not being able to guard anyone, but I just don't buy it.  Shaq really, really wants another ring (see the article above with Marc Stein).

*The latest on Stephon Marbury.  They put him on the inactive list, Mike D'Antoni's attempt at being respectful as possible.  Good luck with that.  There are more people than I expected, that think D'Antoni has no right coming into New York and pushing people around.  I, for one, am not one of those people.  I'm sorry, but Stephon had his chances.  I think parting ways is best for both parties at this point.  Stephon won't be part of the future of this team, and his contract is basically untradeable.  He's basically being held hostage.  He's not allowed to leave or play ball till the end of the season.  That's going to be rough.  At this point, the Knicks would be doing the right thing if they just bought him out.  Let him sign somewhere else (or go play in Italy like he said he would).  

*It doesn't sound good in Washington.  One loss, and the Wizards need a motivational speech.  The second game of the season is coming up and these guys aren't excited?  The affect of Gilbert Arenas taking $111 million and having a 3rd surgery is doing more harm then we originally thought.  This is bad news for Wiz fans.

*Dime Magazine, having faith in Vince Carter.  Yea, for about 2 months until his team goes on a 5 or 6 game lose streak.  Vince will be a chucker all season.  He knows it won't matter, they won't make the playoffs.  When they're out of reach, enter mysterious ankle injury that didn't look nearly as bad as it looks on VC's face.