Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Breakdown

Trades are a brewing...

*Wally Scissorback is on the bench tonight, instead of starting for the Cavs. You know what that means. Wonder where his coveted expiring contract could be going. To the Suns, with JJ Hickson and a draft pick for Amare you say?? This would be nicccce.

*Drew Gooden and [Super-Flopper] Andres Nocioni are going over to Sacramento for Mike Miller and John Salmons. There has to be a follow up trade for the Bulls, right? They just traded a forward for another guard (!). So Tyrus Thomas, Larry Hughes and his expiring contract, and a draft pick for Amare you think?? Maybe, maybe...

*Tracy McGrady; serious drama queen. Sad story in Houston, where T-Mac declared on his personal website that he'll be undergoing the dreaded Micro-Fracture surgery and is out for the season. Not even his coach was briefed ahead of time. Makes no sense, and just shows T-Mac is a media whore. That's not the right way to make that do it with your team, weirdo.

*Saw it first over at BergerSphere; Chris Mihm from the Lakers is going to the Gizz for a conditional 2nd round pick in the 2013 draft. [Zzzz]

*Brian Windhorst in Cleveland caught up with LeBron about the (not nearly soon enough) dunk contest in 2011:

James is still hedging a little on his proclamation that he wants to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest next year, but he didn't say it in the heat of the moment. He feels the contest has "gotten out of control" and he plans to recruit some of his fellow superstars to take it back.

"It's got to be cleaned up, they have to go back to maybe the '80s with [Michael Jordan] and Dominique [Wilkins]," James said. "You can't have so many chances at dunking the basketball. The whole anticipation of a dunk contest is one or two tries and that's it. If not you get (a score of) 30 or 35. Guys are getting 10 opportunities to do the same dunk, by the time they complete it, it is like ... 'OK, we've seen it.'"

Over the last several years, rules have been changed to allow numerous chances plus props and other trickery that have taken the emphasis off execution. That, James said, was what he's been avoiding all these years.

"Right now I am going to be in it; I won't be the only big-name guy, I'll make sure I get a few guys," James said. "I'm making my game plan."


willie said...

Lebron would be taking a huge risk by entering the slam dunk contest. I don't care how good you are there are injury risks involved and the cavs would be crazy to allow him to enter the slam dunk contest.
As a matter of fact I think the whole thing is bogus. Did u see the slam rudy fernandez made from the back of the backboard? He got a 42, from the judges. Are they kidding? To me that was the best dunk by far. Just do away with it , its all hype and has no real value.

Brett said...

If you say it like that, then there is more risk of injury in playing in the all star game, so maybe bron shouldn't play in that either. The value that the entire weekend has is to reward players for doing well and to reward fans for loyalty and support. I want to see le-bron against kobe in a dunk contest. that would be bananas. Also, fernandez dunk would have been hotter had he made it the first or second time. After 8 tries, a 42 is extremely generous at best. The best dunk was probably D.How of the foam on the side of the backboard. You see where he caught that from man?! Sick.

James said...

Has anyone ever been injured during the Slam Dunk Contest? Nasty Nate for President!

David said...

Thatd be pretty embarasssing to get taken out on a stretcher after being in the slam dunk contest..Someone would definitely ask if they could do there next dunk over the guy in the stretcher.