Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Breakdown

*Either BDTG reader Dave's hatred for Bill Simmons is rubbing off on me, or 'The Sports Guy' is just really stretching to find good material. In an article about how he doesn't hate Kobe Bryant, he goes on saying that unlike Kobe, LeBron dominated his game at the Garden. Mr. Simmons obviously did not watch the game. See yesterday's post for details on this. I lose faith in Simmons material more everyday, since his stupid banter is more teeny gossip and Lost than sports discussion.

*The trade talks are heating up, but today's most exciting news comes in the form of a multi-player swap featuring the Bobcats' Raymond Felton and the Pacers' Jamal Tinsley. Since the Cats' are even considering getting rid of Raymond Felton, make sure DJ Augustin is not available in your fantasy leagues.

*A true sign of real consistency and commitment...Coach E Muss talks about Loyola Marymount and their horrific losing streak, yet, they never stop competing. Exact opposite of last year's Knicks team, which I still haven't been able to erase from my memory. I've said it a hundred times, great to see the Knicks competing on a nightly basis, and great to see the city get into Knickerbocker basketball.

*The Bulls, actually, I'm going with John Paxson here, has passed on opportunities to use all of this "assets" to land a big name player. This is what happens when you don't take any risks. Low risk, low return. They passed up on KG, Gasol, and I think Bulls fans would go crazy if they pass up on Amare at this point. Years later, he's left with depreciated assets, and just looks like an ass who waited too long to pull the trigger.

*Staying with SLAM, Mike D'Antoni admits they made a big mistake not fouling with 4 seconds to go and a foul to give. He also is not happy with comments made by Jeff Van Gundy relating to David Lee's motivation. Dude has 37 double doubles, second to Dwight Howard (by 1). That's not a lazy player...so watch yo mouf JVG!

*Adding HORSE to All-Star weekend has been a dream of many people for years. Finally, it's happening, with the help and marketing genius of GEICO. You guessed it...its no longer HORSE, but players will have to spell GEICO instead. The 3-player contest includes Kevin Durant, OJ Mayo, and Joe Johnson.

*What happened to T-Mac? This is awful....and if he doesn't step his G up, people will be calling him T-Wack sooner than later.

*Lil' Penny is back! Also from Nicekicks, your 2009 All-Star kicks.

*Finally the Cavs whining is paying off. Mo Williams got the nod over David Lee for the injured Chris Bosh in the All-Star Game. Considering David Lee plays a similar position, it would have been nice to see him there, but after all the talk from the Cavs about feeling disrespected, I don't think even David Stern had the balls to deny them of a second All-Star, after the C's and Magic had 3 each.


James said...

Correction, David Lee has 39 double doubles in 50 games! The Knicks really need to make sure that they keep him, but we will take him in DC!

D.Miz said...

I saw in the paper this morning that the Suns informed Donnie Walsh the Knicks have no chance in acquiring Amare. Wonder why...maybe the Knicks took DLee off the table? Maybe the Suns have a better offer, and are just waiting for the All-Star game to pass Phx so the awkwardness of Amare starting the All-Star game for the West and maybe not even being in the west?? I think the Bulls and Warriors both have nice offers on the table. Watching Anthony Randolph last night against the Knicks...looks like a fantastic trade chip. As Jay Bilas would say, he sure is long.

David said...

Thanx for finally realizing that the only people who enjoy Bill Simmons' writing is 17 year girls from Boston.

The problem is, like u stated, he ran out of material a long time ago. His blog was cool the first year or two before he started making references to the OC and his wife and baby and talked about -- sports.

willie said...

hey, pick on someone your own size..
why pick on richard simmons,? hes a nice little cool gay guy into exercising..

wow, you guys are tough here..

g night men.