Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breakin' Down the Trades, Rumors, Draft and more...

The "Big" news of the day, I'm sure you've already heard. Even if you go to for your news, you'll see the "Big Shaquisition" (aka Shaquille O'Deal, aka the Big Cavtus, aka...well, you get the point).

Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James are now on the same team, at least for the 2009-2010 season. Will it extend past that? Doubtful, but at least they have a year to make one "Big" run (okay, I promise to stop that). More on the details here, here and here.

Other trades in the last few days....The Wiz sent scrubs and the 5th pick to the Wolves for Randy Foye (sucks) and Mike Miller (can shoot, but is he coming off the bench?)

Not a fan, but I expect this to be just the beginning. They have way too many guards and no big man to count on. Can they get into the playoffs, and even take home court for round one? Yes, with a healthy Arenas, I believe so. But if they're going for a chip, which is what this trade says they're shooting for, then they'll need better than the Haywood, Blatche, Mcgee poo poo platter in the front court (especially after the Cavs picked up Shaq!). Also, if for some reason Ricky Rubio gets dropped to 5th in the draft, this is an awful mistake. Not because I believe Ricky will be successful with that crew in DC, but because that 5th pick would get a ton more trade value, and can easily get a hell of a lot more than Randy Foye (sucks) and Mike Miller. I know Flip Saunders is known as an offense coach, but as Hollinger agrees, this is not nearly enough defense to get deep into the playoffs.

The Spurs made a big splash by getting Richard Jefferson from the Bucks for Bowen, Oberto and Kurt Thomas. The move was financially based for the Bucks, and for the Spurs, a bit of a surprise that they'd take on that contract in this economic climate (same for the Wiz above). Oberto got flipped again, and Bowen made some suggestions that he's considering retirement, but if I had to bet on it, I'd say they'd both be on the Spurs roster come playoff time.

To try and do a Mock Draft at this point would be nonsense. First of all, not even the "experts" around the league have any idea whats going to happen (after #1 of course). It's the most uncertain draft in many years. There are guys projected to go 6th and 20th, 8th and 21st, etc, etc. That's bananas. Tonight should be a lot of fun, between picks and trades, so make sure to tune in.

Other news around the league and NBA blog world:

*Basketbawful, takes us through the 2008-2009 worst moments (hilarious).

*K-Berg says the Wolves are now in the drivers seat for the draft, after securing both the 5th and 6th pick. Hopefully David Kahn (protege of Donnie Walsh) can throw us a bone and get us in the mix for Steph Curry who is clearly a match for D'Antoni (and LeBron!). However, the Wolves need to start thinking about getting some more guards, since at this point, they have 10 forwards and 2 guards on the roster, which clearly is a problem.

*D-Wade is a twitter maniac.

*Speaking of twitter....Shaq wants to play this guy in HORSE for a G (good luck). JA Adande gave us this great press conference mix/video/rap, and most importantly, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR UPDATES AND MORE!!

*Someone explain to me Danny Ainge's thinking on totally bashing his champion point guard. I'm gonna go ahead and say that's probably not great for trade value nor the relationship for next season. Good luck with all that...

Enjoy the Draft!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Kobe took too many shots

Rashard didn't take enough shots

Hedo missed some easy shots

Howard blocked 9 shots (!!)

Fish hit the big shots...

Up by 3, with 11 seconds left, it's very simple: No fouls, no threes. That has to be very clear to everyone leaving the huddle after the time out. Stan Van Gundy might have forgot to make that clear, since he assumed everyone on the team would know, but the key thing is, the player defending Fisher should NOT have been Jameer Nelson. He simply is not in NBA-shape yet (and no one would expect him to be). Let's do the math: When Rafer Alston ("Skip") plays and plays confident, they're 1-0 in the finals. When his coach is juggling his minutes and benching him for large periods of time for a player who hasn't played in the NBA for four months, they're 0-3. Hmmm....

I'm not 100% sure, but I'm very confident that Skip has been playing a lot more crunch time basketball recently, and would know to close out on shooters at the 3-point line in that situation. Skip is also taller, with longer arms, and stronger legs (Jameer clearly isn't getting off the ground like he was months ago). The Magic want anything but a foul, or a three in that scenario. The time it takes for Fish to dribble around Jameer, and shoot the layup, is even better in that scenario since it leaves the Magic up 1 and turns into a free-throw battle.

But instead it was a night of choking for the Magic. Howard choked on crucial free throws, Hedo choked on crucial free throws, and the worst of all SVG choked with, again, shuffling his starting PG spot, killing his starting PG's confidence, and taking away the Magic's best shot at another victory (it was Skip who was the necessary contributer in their only win). We haven't even mentioned Anthony Johnson, who might as well not even suit up, hasn't played a minute yet. I know AJ is closing out on that 3, and I know AJ has proved in the past to have some BIG playoff games (see: Indiana/NJ last year's 40-point performance). Jameer should barely be in the rotation at this point, and certainly not relied on to play the entire fourth and OT. (duh) It's not just me, Chris Broussard has another quote from a Magic player saying those decisions are "eye-popping."

Funny enough, last night, the Lakers were more worried about how to handle Kobe Bryant than the Magic. The Magic have their game plan, but the Lakers are still adjusting to Kobe's unique (selfish?) ways. Often, you could see Pau's confusion during the game. "Do I screen for Kobe?" "Do I get in the triangle?" But mostly, it was "Do I get the hell out of the way??" Yup, that's the one. Even Phil Jackson said of Fisher after the game, "[He's] not afraid to go away from Kobe when sometimes Kobe is asking for the ball and he knows better, and I need a guard like him to do that." Basically a guard to tell Kobe we should stop playing one-on-five and start playing like a team again.

Another big story for Game 4 was the flagrant foul that Pietrus put on Gasol in the closing minutes. Ken Berger says a suspension is in order. I totally disagree. First of all, there's nothing wrong with upgrading it to a Flagarant 2, fining him 25K, and calling it a day. If this was a repeated incident with a trouble-maker, then i can understand. Was it a stupid play? Of course, but it's the NBA finals and you don't want the last game of the year (possibly) to end with controversy, and that's what you'd get if you suspend Orlando's "Kobe-stopper" for Game 5.

UPDATE: No suspension for Pietrus. No fine? Yet...

Regardless of how they won, the Lakers won and they're up 3-1 in the series. No team since 1966 has come back down 3-1 in the Finals, and I'd suspect the same result this coming week. Phil's about to get ring #10 (wow), and Kobe #4 and his first Finals MVP.

Oh, and thanks to SLAM for the highlight of the night:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kobe's Accuser on the Mic??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do You Believe In Magic? - Thursday Breakdown

I'm not really sure. One thing I know is that every time I think of the Magic, I think of Stan Van Gundy being the 'master of panic.' I can't help but feel like his demeanor trickles down and effects the confidence of his players.

Nonetheless, tonight the Magic got the win. It wasn't pretty, but I'm sure they'd rather take off to Boston than stay in Orlando for good.

*What's this? It's May and the Knicks are actually in the news? We're hearing rumors of a Tracy McGrady to New York trade, sending Larry Hughes and Cuttino Mobley's contracts to Houston in the offseason. I'm not exactly sure why the Rockets would do this. Perhaps they just want to ensure a healthy body at the 3 (and they might not resign Artest, and need to replace his D)? The rumors started over with Frank Isola, and then I got a little confirmation from David Thorpe at ESPN on his chat:

Evan (NY):
Coach There is a rumor of TMac to Knicks x Hughes, Mobley contract.. I really like it for both teams, your view?

<span class=SportsNation David Thorpe: I think it could happen.

*Dirk Nowitzki was engaged to a con artist, she got arrested at his home mid-playoffs, and this isn't supposed to effect his game?!?! Interesting and still developing story.

*Awesome Elias Stat I saw on the Daily Dime. Chauncey Buh Buh Buh Billups is the man: Denver's victory means that Chauncey Billups will be playing in the conference finals for the seventh consecutive year. Since 1970, only four men have played for their conference's championship in each of seven or more straight playoff years, and all of them did so for the Lakers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Cooper and Magic Johnson had eight-year streaks (1982-1989), and Kurt Rambis had a seven-year run (1982-1988)

*Lotta chattin goin on over on ESPN. Picked this up out of the conversation. We heart LeBron.

Brian (SF, CA): John, can you put Lebron's playoff PER in perspective? It seems he is almost too far ahead of the pack, is there a specific reason his PER is so high?

<span class=SportsNation John Hollinger: (3:16 PM ET ) I can't put it in perspective, actually. It's completely off the charts. As for a specific reason, other than "he's awesome," I can't offer one -- he's just been exceptional in every category. I expect his numbers to come back to earth a little in the next two rounds, obviously, but these last eight games have been among the best eight-game stretches you'll ever see.

Some really funny LeBron Kobe commercials!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Defense Wins Championships; Tuesday Breakdown

Liked what I saw in today's Daily Dime from Coach Mike Brown. "Sometimes you have to win ugly like this, and it's good to know that you can,...I'm sure Atlanta feels like they didn't play their best. I know offensively we didn't play our best. But the way we defended tonight allowed us to make some mistakes."

Fact of the matter is, even when the shots aren't falling, you can still rely on getting stops.

Over at TrueHoop, they have similar thoughts..."You can go through nearly twenty clips of defensive possessions before witnessing a single blown rotation. Every Cavalier closes out on every shooter, and contests every shot. The Cavs move around the court mindful of every open space, chasing guys off their spots, and walling off anyone with the temerity to drive or cut to the basket. "

In other news...

*One of the big stories so far this week is Mark Cuban yelling at KMart's mom, screaming that her son is a thug, etc. etc. Well, I'm glad my man Ken Berger calls out Cuban for what he is: an idiot. How many times has this guy done something bone-headed and then issue an apology and think everything is OK?

*Practice makes perfect right? Right. Ballerblogger has some great stuff about LeBron's practice habits.

*One of the best GM's in the game, Rocket's Daryl Morey goes one on one with ESPN.

*Pretty awesome summary of Mavs/Nuggets Game 4 from SLAM Online.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


What's up people. I'm getting a lot of hate mail and posts about BDTG being dead. As I mentioned in an earlier post...we just didn't quite make the playoffs this year. Next year, without a doubt, we're going to be back and better than ever. But until I quit my day job (not likely anytime soon), I must prioritize and good ole "40 games in 40 nights" has also taken it's toll. If you have something to say, write a post, send it over, and I'll put it right up!

Quick summary of where we're at right now?

Amazing stuff so far this year in the playoffs. We have LeBron and Co completely dominating almost every minute of every game against the Hawks thus far. Hawk fans rejoice; you've gotten to the second round and that'll be that. Maybe next year it'll be the ECF. Speaking of bout them Nuggets?! JR Smith is passing the ball better than I've ever seen (or thought possible). The Birdman, Anthony Carter, and JR off the bench has easily made for the best bench in the NBA Playoffs (easssssily!). The Lakers struggled in their first game of Round 2 against the Rockets, but after a crazy Game Two, with blood, sweat and tears (Scola's bullshit flopping counts for tears right?), the Lakers regained control.

Round one brought us a reedunkulous Boston/Chicago series that went to 7 games and about 25 overtimes. The Celtics are now up against a much better Magic team, who could definitely have had something special....and then you have the dumbass play of the year, with Skip to my Lou (Rafer Alston for the NY-challenged) smacking Eddie House across the back of the head, which seemed playful, but is a clear 1-game suspension. No choice; he swung at the head, and made contact: suspended.

The East is done. The Cavs will go to the Finals, and there's even a chance at this point they don't lose a game until they get there. The West, is not so set in stone anymore. Kobe and the Lakeshow were the easy favorites, but you can NOT ignore Denver any longer. They're the most exciting team in basketball, with a Finals MVP running the point, the best bench in the playoffs, a seasoned coach, and this guy Carmelo Anthony who is probably the best pure scorer in the game. Add to that their high altitude home-court advantage, and the Denver crowd being louder than this outfit, and Denver is a clear contender to the Lakers...and that's if the Lakers get past a very difficult Rockets team with not one, but two perimeter defensive specialists in Battier and Artest (one who got chopped in the face by Kobe, and one who got elbowed in the neck by Kobe....NBA, where Kobe is allowed to do whatever he wants happens...).

If i had to pick a Western winner today, I have to pick Denver. My reasoning is the hell is Aaron Brooks or Derick Fisher going to contain Chauncey "Big Shot" Billups for a series? It all starts at the point (this is why the Suns always suck), and i think a Finals MVP and Championship ring might be the deciding factor (not even Kobe has both).

So that leads us to...."the bet." A few years back, my man Doc J and I put a Benjamin on the line. I have LeBron, he's got Melo. First to get a chip wins. Go Cavs!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Breakdown

Okay, okay, okay...let's break it down...

*The 2009 Hall of Famers were announced, and somehow Michael Jordan squeezed into the pack. He's joined by Jerry Sloan, David Robinson and C. Vivian Stringer. Scoop Jackson makes the case that Jordan should have his own induction; it's only fair.

(Forgot John Stockton, thanks Bert).

*News just in, Manu Ginobili is done for the year, playoffs included. Ken Berger says you can stick a fork in the spurs.

*Another argument that defense wins championships. Basketball-Reference breaks down "Go To" guys and their effect on championship success. Interesting stuff.

*From Truehoop; Seven reasons to fear the Orlando Magic, and a look at who the hall of famers of today resemble most in today's NBA. After the whoopin the Magic put on the Cavs a few days ago, I think that's enough to worry about them come playoff time.

via Ball Don't Lie: LeBron does it again...

and The best thing the Wizards have made all season:

via Dime Mag: Von Wafer's Crazy Dunk (good name)

Monday, March 23, 2009

NBA Strike Approaching?

For the 5 or so readers (joke) who come here often looking for updates, my sincere apologies for not blogging as frequently as I'd like. With March Madness upon us, the NBA takes a backseat to the NCAA, where my bracket has finally fallen below the average in ESPN's 6 million or so entries (although my entire South section is fully intact). We're fortunate this year to have a Cinderella story, with 12 seed Arizona making it to the sweet 16. We also see a future NBA star in the making, in Blake Griffin, as he completely dominates every game he's been in (his last game making 14 of 20 shots, finishing with 33 points and 17 rebounds). Let's just hope the god awful Wizards land the first pick in the draft.

Well, that's about it for my NCAA speak (although I'll finish with once again displaying my hatred for Duke basketball and hoping they lose).

Back to the NBA...

This weekends ESPN Daily Dime brings us a FAQ on the looming NBA lockout. With the salary cap going down, and economic struggles apparent for all NBA owners, a lockout seems inevitable. If David Stern is really going to make his mark on history, he's going to prevent this at all costs. The resolution will probably end with both sides being unhappy, and well, that means he did a good job, right? Fortunately, now more than ever, we're seeing NBA players understand their place in society, and the fact that their making enormous amounts of money while most people struggle. Unfortunately, the head of the players union takes that with a grain of salt, since his job is to get his players the best deal possible, or they walk.

Later in the weekend, David Stern did address the media to talk a bit about the future of the collective bargaining agreement, and how he plans to get it resolved sooner than later.

I'll be back in town on Wednesday. Currently enjoying the weather in sunny San Diego while I am out of town on some business, and also getting to see some family at the same time. Based on my schedule, I doubt I'll be able to blog again until Thursday or so, so I apologize in advance, and thank everyone who stops by for continuing to do so.

Next season, BDTG hopes to make it to the blogging playoffs, and get some more national exposure. But for now, we're very happy with the 6 or 7 times we've been on CBS, and the few times we've been in Newsday and our link/name being spread out throughout the blogosphere, meeting awesome basketball people from around the globe. So like any non-playoff bound team, we wanna keep practicing hard, keep improving, and next year make a big splash. That doesn't mean this season is over, in fact, we have a ton more to write about. The real March Madness is for that 8th spot in the east, and playoff position in the west.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Mini-Breakdown

*MJ doing a moonwalk on the Kwame pick? Super agent David Falk on MJ and more.

*75% of the season is over and Ken Berger sums up what's gone down so far. Add Raptors to the disappointment list, they were pegged as a top 4 team in the East.

*Dwayne Wade is incredible and easily top 3 in the league with Kobe and LeBron.

*Marc Stein, ESPN, reiterating what I said previously regarding Iverson possibly shutting it down and not accepting his role on the bench:

But he'll grudgingly accept it when he gets back. He has little choice.

We repeat: C-O-N-T-R-A-C-T year.

*Not much to like with the Wizards these days, but at least we have this feel good story about owner Abe Pollin, who refuses to quit and has his eyes on the prize.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meet the Knicks

Thursday night brought about the annual "Meet the Knicks" Event for season ticket holders. Took a few pics with the Knicks Dancers, went into the locker room, got some autographs, and my favorite, took some shots on the garden floor. Good times. Here's a sample of me and my buddy Joan's night:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can a Rookie Win the Most Improved Player Award?

Why not?? If there was any chance of this happening (and I'm going to assume there's no chance of that happening), then Russell Westbrook of the Thunder would be that player. Last night, not only did Westbrook get a triple double, but he beat a playoff bound Dallas team without his two best players (KD and Jeff Green). Check out Westbrook's monthly totals:

November: 12.2 points; 4.1 assists; 3.3 rebounds
December: 15.5 points; 5.1 assists; 5.1 rebounds
January: 16.5 points; 5.5 assists; 4.9 rebounds
February: 20.4 points 5.9 assists; 6.1 rebounds

Tell me, which players who have won the MIP Award have made a bigger improvement statistically than Russell Westbrook from the beginning of the season to now?? PLUS, add to the fact that's he's playing the toughest spot to shine (ask Derrick Rose, who was recently benched for end of games because of his lack of defense and decision making). PLUS, he was never a point guard in his life! He was a shooting guard and they asked him to learn the point position. Need more proof? Check out what ESPN Super Scout David Thorpe has been saying about his progress all season. How bout more? NewsOK made this great point yesterday:

Thunder officials like to point out how Westbrook’s averages of 15.8 points, 5.0 assists and 4.7 rebounds nearly place him among an elite list of players who are averaging at least 15 points, five rebounds and five assists — Miami’s Dwyane Wade, Cleveland’s LeBron James, New Orleans’ Chris Paul, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Philadelphia’s Andre Iguodala.

So what did Turk do last year that was so special? Last year Hedo increased in points by 6 (check, 8), assists by 1.8 (check, 1.8) and rebounds by 1.77 (check, 2.8!).

Point is, how can anyone argue that Russell Westbrook has not been improving the most from start to finish of this season? MUST we agree with the common understanding of the award and give it to someone who improved in the off-season? I think that's close minded and unfair to Westbrook who has not only improved all year, but might be the perfect definition of how the award should be granted in the future. Yes, we can!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Breakdown

*The Knicks' attempt to sell KryptoNate shirts came to a halt, when DC Comics wanted in on it. I guess Nike struck a deal with the comic giant, since the Nike KryptoNates are due to arrive in limited edition at the House of Hoops uptown.

*The new "Seven Seconds or Shaq" philosophy in Phoenix is working out well for Shaquille O'Neal. When he gets asked what's causing this "comeback," his reply? "It's what I do," O'Neal said. "I've been doing it since 1992. If you don't believe it, Google me." (Since, you know, if it's in Google, it's true). But that wasn't all The Big Diarrhea Mouth had to say. Shaq went on to call Chris Bosh the "RuPaul" of big men. That's gotta be top ten best things I've heard him say. I'm on record as saying I think Chris Bosh would be the first NBA player to come out of the closet while he's a player. I'm glad Shaq's with me on that assessment. Thanks to Hayden and Joan for bringing that to my attention.

*Jason Kidd recorded his 10,000th assist this past weekend. Pretty incredible. He joins only 3 (!!) other players, one of which he will probably pass before Kidd retires, and maybe two. Kidd trails John Stockton (15,806), Mark Jackson (10,334) and Magic Johnson (10,141) on the career list.

*Allen Iverson went back to Georgetown to get his back checked out. I wonder if it's the bruised back, or the bruised ego from being sent to the bench. I kind of doubt Ivo would play his cards like that. He's in a contract year, and has been around the league long enough to know he should play out the season and tell reporters that he'll embrace the 6th man position and be the best at it. He knows he's gotta look good for his new contract next year, since you know, he's gotta feed his family and all.

*Drew Gooden and Joe Smith were both bought out of their contracts this weekend, right before the deadline to get waived so they can sign with a team and remain playoff eligible. The Celtics pulled the quick trigger on both Mikki Moore and Stephon Marbury, so their assumed out of the running. Both played previously in Cleveland, so both are ready to roll if they go there, but Joe Smith would seem like more of a "Spurs-Type" of player. However, based on reports out there today, it's looking like Joe is going to Cleveland while Drew is heading over to San Antonio.

*THANK YOU very much Basketbawful. Must see video's of Duke bullsh*t!

*The incredible mis-management of Stephon Marbury, by Real GM.

*Ken Berger breaks down an amazing week ahead, that starts tonight with LeBron v Wade, which for some stupid reason is NOT on NBATV, and instead I'm watching Dallas vs. Oklahoma. Really close to getting League Pass, but with no HD, no thanks.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Okay, Okay...

We'll get this back on track with a Monday Breakdown.

For now, some basketball bloopers to pass the time:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trade Deadline Special

Well if there's one thing that's been reinforced at the trade deadline, it's that the media will most definitely make everyone lose their mind thinking about extreme possibilities that probably won't happen. There was a ton of talk about how the current economic climate, and the salary cap decreasing, would cause teams to do "Pau Gasol" like deals. Meanwhile, the only lopsided salary-decreasing type deal, is the one that never wound up happening (Chandler to OKC).

Nonetheless, some news did occur, and the New York Knicks found themselves in the middle of it. The Knicks made some noise during the trade deadline, by essentially unloaded 4 unserviceable players (Malik Rose; Anthony Roberson; Jerome James; Tim Thomas), and getting two serviceable players in return. Granted, Larry Hughes has a horrific reputation for not only being a Marbury-like cancer, but just for being a bad teammate on the court. You might have even heard of the website dedicated to his amazing shot selection, called: "" Yes, that's for real. But Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni clearly deserve the benefit of the doubt and have proven to get the best out of their players. The other guy is a largely known in my circles as THAT RIDUNKULOUS DUDE FROM UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND (!!!) WHO HELPED BRING A NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP INTO TOWN. Again, he's not exactly known for his shooting touch, but he's cool with me, and I'm excited to see pregame warmups with him and Nate throwing oops to each other.

Other deals that went down...

*The Magic got their Jameer Nelson replacement, and its a certified point guard, NYC Streeball Legend, and legit NBA player: Rafer, Skip to my lou, Alston. Great trade for the Magic, who basically gave up only Brian Cook, who went to the Grizzlies. The Rockets wound up with defensive specialist Kyle Lowry, who will be fighting with Aaron Brooks for the starting role sooner than later. For more on that trade, click here.

*One of the biggest stories of the day was the trade that didn't happen, The Big Cactus, Shaq, going to Cleveland to join LeBron James on his quest for a chip. I'm still not sure this is BS or not, considering I just don't' believe the trade deadline hype from the media. I assume they had to make up some stories for this day not to be a total bust....right?

For more on that story, and also a nice ESPN breakdown of the entire day as it unfolded, click here.

*In other news, All-Star Danny Granger is going to be out for a while, after hearing a "pop" in his foot. With both Granger and Mike Dunleavy out, you should make sure Marquis Daniels isn't on the waiver wire.

*The big winner in the fantasy world was owners of Aaron Brooks and Spencer Hawes, who are both in line for starters minutes and have produced good stats when given that opportunity in the past. The big loser was DJ Augustin, who will have to stay stuck on the bench, with the Bobcats staying with Raymond Felton, at least until the end of the season when he becomes a restricted free agent.

Did I miss anything? Drop your thoughts below. In the meantime, Chris Wilcox to NYC!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Breakdown

Trades are a brewing...

*Wally Scissorback is on the bench tonight, instead of starting for the Cavs. You know what that means. Wonder where his coveted expiring contract could be going. To the Suns, with JJ Hickson and a draft pick for Amare you say?? This would be nicccce.

*Drew Gooden and [Super-Flopper] Andres Nocioni are going over to Sacramento for Mike Miller and John Salmons. There has to be a follow up trade for the Bulls, right? They just traded a forward for another guard (!). So Tyrus Thomas, Larry Hughes and his expiring contract, and a draft pick for Amare you think?? Maybe, maybe...

*Tracy McGrady; serious drama queen. Sad story in Houston, where T-Mac declared on his personal website that he'll be undergoing the dreaded Micro-Fracture surgery and is out for the season. Not even his coach was briefed ahead of time. Makes no sense, and just shows T-Mac is a media whore. That's not the right way to make that do it with your team, weirdo.

*Saw it first over at BergerSphere; Chris Mihm from the Lakers is going to the Gizz for a conditional 2nd round pick in the 2013 draft. [Zzzz]

*Brian Windhorst in Cleveland caught up with LeBron about the (not nearly soon enough) dunk contest in 2011:

James is still hedging a little on his proclamation that he wants to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest next year, but he didn't say it in the heat of the moment. He feels the contest has "gotten out of control" and he plans to recruit some of his fellow superstars to take it back.

"It's got to be cleaned up, they have to go back to maybe the '80s with [Michael Jordan] and Dominique [Wilkins]," James said. "You can't have so many chances at dunking the basketball. The whole anticipation of a dunk contest is one or two tries and that's it. If not you get (a score of) 30 or 35. Guys are getting 10 opportunities to do the same dunk, by the time they complete it, it is like ... 'OK, we've seen it.'"

Over the last several years, rules have been changed to allow numerous chances plus props and other trickery that have taken the emphasis off execution. That, James said, was what he's been avoiding all these years.

"Right now I am going to be in it; I won't be the only big-name guy, I'll make sure I get a few guys," James said. "I'm making my game plan."

Monday, February 16, 2009

All-Star Weekend Re-cap

This All-Star Weekend had one very major theme, and it wasn't Kobe and Shaq (although they were a close second). It was Bill Russell's 75th birthday, and while he suffered the loss of his wife recently, he was given an extraordinary birthday present by David Stern and the NBA. From now on, all future Finals MVPs will be given the Bill Russell Finals MVP Award. During a time-out, Mr. Russell was also given a big green cake during the all-star game, rolled over by the Celtic's Big Three, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Phoenix also was the starting point for a new contest, which will soon rival the other Saturday events, and that was a good ol' friendly game of HORSE, only instead of using those letters, the NBA was given help by their little green friend: GEICO. All-Star Joe Johnson, Super Sophomore Kevin Durant and future both of those things, rookie OJ Mayo were the contestants. The game started off slow, and it seemed as though it would continue that way since all three players were a little nervous and not hitting tough shots. It looked over for Kevin Durant, who fell behind fast and couldn't find his stroke. Soon after, it was Durant with the comeback win, who was hitting 50 footers, and non-stop three pointers to seal the deal. Very impressive outing from the future super-star and congrats on winning the NBA's first HORSE, er, GEICO competition.

The 3-point contest had some new faces, all matching up against the winner of the previous two year's contest, Jason Kapono. Kapono was the heavy favorite in this one, but couldn't quite get his stroke going in the fashion it was last year. Perhaps that's because he's hasn't gotten his FG% back up to where it was in his last year with Miami, where he went over 50% from downtown. Speaking of Miami, it was Daequon Cook who stole the show and won the coveted award. The only other observation I had, was the fact that i never knew how ugly Rashard Lewis' form was. It's a two-handed, high release, ugly mess. I guess he's doing something right, considering he's one of the league leaders in 3-pointers made, as well as the only competitor who was also playing in Sunday's All-Star Game.

The Dunk contest....was all Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson. In fact, there was collusion and cheating involved! I'm sure JR Smith and Rudy Fernandez had no idea that you could do things like...bring out a 12-foot hoop, and a phone booth..?! Those two guys had no chance, even though i saw Rudy Fernandez dunk it from a bounce pass on the backside of the hoop that looked like he had NOOOO chance of making. I still can't believe he pulled that off...too bad it took about 15 attempts and drained the energy from the arena. But in the final round, it was Superman, Dwight Howard, who finally met his KryptoNate. After leaving the court, Nate Robinson returned in all green. Green shoes, green Knicks jersey, even a green basketball. Supposedly Nike had Nate's back and custom made KryptoNate shoes, specifically for beating Dwight Howard in the Slam Dunk contest. It worked, specifically with the help of Superman himself, who allowed Nate to dunk over him, in similar fashion to when Nate cleared Spud Webb two years ago. The big news of the Dunk contest didn't even include any of the contestants. The big news was LeBron James announcing on the sideline's that he's throwin his hat in for the 2011 Slam Dunk contest, in front of 100,000 people in Dallas next year. I choose not to get excited about that until its official, which probably won't happen for another 11 months.

We haven't even talked about the All-Star game yet, which unfortunately wound up not living up to the expectations of the rest of the events. Of course, there was the Shaq introduction, which was unbelievably spectacular. Video on that below. The game was dominated by the West most of the time, and in the interior. The East had one big man, literally, ONE big man in Dwight Howard. After him, was Kevin Garnett, who in his 37th or so all-star game wasn't going to play big minutes, and then Rashard Lewis....who clearly can't guard any of the West's bigs. As TrueHoop broke it down for us...Points in the Paint? West 96, East 58. Glass? West 51, East 38. Shaquille O'Neal: 17 points, 8-9 FGs in 11 minutes. While only playing 11 minutes, Shaq was still able to get another All-Star MVP, sharing it with Kobe, who didn't look all that happy to share another success with Shaq when he deserved it all to himself. However the story was too good to pass up on, and the award went to both Kobe and Shaq.

As for trade chatter, not much going on. The Suns have fired their coach Terry Porter, and replaced him with Alvin Gentry, the only survivor from Phoenix's 7 seconds of less era. My thoughts on this are that the Suns are trying to scare other teams into them keeping Amare and therefore raising his trade value. There are a few offers on the table, including the Cav's offer of an expiring contract (Wally), a young power forward with a lot of potential (JJ Hickson), and a future draft pick (or Varejao). It's a decent deal, but the Suns want more, and specifically from the Bulls who saw John Paxson also resign this weekend. Hopefully those two front office changes don't mean those two teams stand pat at the trading deadline, especially for the Bulls who really need and deserve a big splash after passing up on all of those low-post players they've needed for so long.

Only a few more days of non-stop refreshing the NBA news sites...we'll try to keep this updated as much as possible to follow the trades and rumors that come along with the excitement of the trade deadline. Until we get something to report....enjoy this video. Hopefully it won't get taken down too fast by the NBA.

Shaq's All-Star Spectacular

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Breakdown

*That's it for me and Bill Simmons. No mas. Every year Simmons puts out an article ranking the trade value of NBA Players. This is what he had to say about David Lee:

Yeah, he's a lousy defender ... but should we really pick nits when he's on the books for $1.76 million this season and $2.68 million next?

However, David Lee is a restricted free agent this summer. For him to say this, means he's either assuming David Lee won't get ONE reasonable offer, or (again) he just doesn't have a clue what he's writing about. I'm not sure which one it is, but both are extremely unintelligent. The Sports Guy has officially lost his mojo.

*Elgin Baylor filed suit against the LA Clippers for discrimination. While I don't know the whole story and I'm sure no one ever will, have to love this quote from the Clippers owner:

"It's hard to believe that he would now make these ridiculous claims after the organization stood by him during 22 years and only three playoff appearances. It would be hard to find any sports team that has demonstrated greater loyalty to its general manager."

*Not much as far as trade chatter...but Ken Berger has the latest on Amare.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Breakdown

*Either BDTG reader Dave's hatred for Bill Simmons is rubbing off on me, or 'The Sports Guy' is just really stretching to find good material. In an article about how he doesn't hate Kobe Bryant, he goes on saying that unlike Kobe, LeBron dominated his game at the Garden. Mr. Simmons obviously did not watch the game. See yesterday's post for details on this. I lose faith in Simmons material more everyday, since his stupid banter is more teeny gossip and Lost than sports discussion.

*The trade talks are heating up, but today's most exciting news comes in the form of a multi-player swap featuring the Bobcats' Raymond Felton and the Pacers' Jamal Tinsley. Since the Cats' are even considering getting rid of Raymond Felton, make sure DJ Augustin is not available in your fantasy leagues.

*A true sign of real consistency and commitment...Coach E Muss talks about Loyola Marymount and their horrific losing streak, yet, they never stop competing. Exact opposite of last year's Knicks team, which I still haven't been able to erase from my memory. I've said it a hundred times, great to see the Knicks competing on a nightly basis, and great to see the city get into Knickerbocker basketball.

*The Bulls, actually, I'm going with John Paxson here, has passed on opportunities to use all of this "assets" to land a big name player. This is what happens when you don't take any risks. Low risk, low return. They passed up on KG, Gasol, and I think Bulls fans would go crazy if they pass up on Amare at this point. Years later, he's left with depreciated assets, and just looks like an ass who waited too long to pull the trigger.

*Staying with SLAM, Mike D'Antoni admits they made a big mistake not fouling with 4 seconds to go and a foul to give. He also is not happy with comments made by Jeff Van Gundy relating to David Lee's motivation. Dude has 37 double doubles, second to Dwight Howard (by 1). That's not a lazy watch yo mouf JVG!

*Adding HORSE to All-Star weekend has been a dream of many people for years. Finally, it's happening, with the help and marketing genius of GEICO. You guessed it...its no longer HORSE, but players will have to spell GEICO instead. The 3-player contest includes Kevin Durant, OJ Mayo, and Joe Johnson.

*What happened to T-Mac? This is awful....and if he doesn't step his G up, people will be calling him T-Wack sooner than later.

*Lil' Penny is back! Also from Nicekicks, your 2009 All-Star kicks.

*Finally the Cavs whining is paying off. Mo Williams got the nod over David Lee for the injured Chris Bosh in the All-Star Game. Considering David Lee plays a similar position, it would have been nice to see him there, but after all the talk from the Cavs about feeling disrespected, I don't think even David Stern had the balls to deny them of a second All-Star, after the C's and Magic had 3 each.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Breakdown

First a short and sweet recap of what the Knicks called, "Dream Week." Started with Kobe going off for 61 points. Then LeBron came into town to try and top Kobe, getting a 50 point triple double, which was last done by Kareem back in 1975. There was some talk about taking away the triple double, and they eventually did because of one rebound that wasn't really LeBron's, but if they're going to take away one, then they should have given this one back. The week ended with the championship Celtics coming into the Garden, after playing a tough overtime game against the Lakers the night before (and losing).

So what'd you miss? A lot...

Kobe didn't just score 61, the most EVER at Madison Square Garden. He totally dominated the game. There's been much argument of who's game was better, Kobe or LeBron, and after seeing both in person there's no question to me. LeBron had a stupid hot hand in the first quarter, draining every shot, finishing with 20 points, but that was it for his hot hand. Like the Celtics game (Until the 4th quarter), the Knicks were in the Cleveland game the whole time, even taking the lead in the 4th. This was not the case with Kobe, who repeatedly came off the bench to nail big shots and take the air out of the arena (well, except for those pesky Laker fans). So I'm taking Kobe's game, because the Knicks had NO chance, and it was all by Kobe's hand (Gasol also scored 31, but was vastly overshadowed by Kobe's 61...yes...61!!). For the Celtics game, all you really need to see is this dunk.

Since this is all old news, i don't want to go to much more into it. The only other thing I'll say about the Knicks and their tough week is that they went into Portland and were in position to win the game. I have NO clue what they were thinking with 4 seconds left and a foul to give, not to take it. Greg Oden even said after the game that they drew up two plays, since they 'knew' the Knicks would take the first foul. So the element of surprise was a good idea, but as soon as Brandon Roy put the ball to the ground, he needs to get fouled. I can understand not fouling right away, since they don't want Roy faking the shot and going to the line, but when that ball hit the ground, no excuses, Jared Jeffries must foul and leave 2 seconds on the clock for the Blazers to force a quick shot.

Very, very, tough break (no pun intended) for Minnesota and Al Jefferson. Last night with 20 seconds left on the clock, Al heard a pop, and it was a torn MCL that will require surgery and end his season. Damn shame since Al was playing his best ball before he went down (does that sound familiar? Bynum? Dunleavy? G.Wallace?).

But the biggest news of the day, and probably will be the focal point until the Febuary 19th trade deadline, are the trade rumors, most notably around Amare Stoudemire, who has been a little too excited to change zip codes. It's ironic that the GM's of the NBA (which Simmons frequently calls the No Balls Association for their lack of risky moves), have always been looked at as being bearish in the trade market. Not Steve Kerr, that's for sure. Kerr is looking to make another big splash and get some good pieces in return for Amare. It's too bad the people in Phoenix would riot if he was to trade Steve Nash, because his ridiculous lack of defensive ability is really what is holding this team down. The Suns are currently ranked 25th in the league in Defensive Efficiency, and I'm willing to bet it's not Amare (although he does have a lot of trouble paying attention on the pick n rolls, most notably when David Lee destroyed them in New York).

So what do you think the Suns can get in return for Amare? I've heard a lot of enticing possibilities. David Lee and Marbury's expiring contract for Amare and Barbosa? Jason Maxiel and Rasheed Wallace's expiring contract for Amare? How bout a Chris Bosh for Amare swap?

Any other trade ideas? Drop em below...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, What a night...

The jumbotron at the Garden said this week is "Dream Week," with the Knicks facing the Lakers, Cavs, and Celtics all in 5 days. I wouldn't quite call it that....maybe Hell Week? Anyway, history was made tonight at the Garden, where Kobe Bryant went off for 61 (!) points. The most ever scored at Madison Square Garden (and made it looks sweasy, so easy). Kobe went 19-31 from the field, and 20-20 from the line. The Knicks tried to hang with the Lakers, but Kobe and Co were just too much.

*Injury bug is back. Bynum got the word that he's out 8-12 weeks. Chris Paul didn't look good limping off the court, and Jameer Nelson is out for quite some time (and definitely the All-Star Game) with a separated shoulder injury. Tough break for the newbee All-Star.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

All-Star Reserves

If you've been watching TNT or NBA TV, you've basically been seeing Kenny Smith and Eric Snow, vs. Gary Payton and Chris Webber. The debate? What makes for an All-Star. Does the second best player on a top team get the nod, over the best player on a lottery team?

After the results came in, it looks like the East Coaches and the West Coaches are having a similar debate. The East Coaches picked Danny Granger and Chris Bosh, both on struggling teams, while the West stayed away from players like Marcus Camby and Al Jefferson and doubled up on New Orleans with a surprising pick, Teaneck's own David West

So what's the verdict? Who got snubbed? Who shouldn't be in Phoenix come All-Star Weekend?

I'll start the conversation with this...

Rashard Lewis has no place on the East All-Star team. He is a below average defender, rebounder, passer and post-up player. He's a little too one-dimensional for my taste. I really liked the Devin Harris and Danny Granger picks.

2009 Reserves

Paul Pierce Boston F
Chris Bosh Toronto F/C
Joe Johnson Atlanta G
Danny Granger Indiana F
Devin Harris New Jersey G
Rashard Lewis Orlando F
Jameer Nelson Orlando G

Dirk Nowitzki Dallas F
Pau Gasol L.A. Lakers C
Tony Parker San Antonio G
Brandon Roy Portland G
Shaquille O'Neal Phoenix C
Chauncey Billups Denver G
David West New Orleans F

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Mini-Breakdown

KNICKS WIN 5 IN A ROW AT HOME, YEAAAAAAA. Solid, solid game tonight. The Knicks didn't play very well, especially in the first quarter, but it didn't seem to matter and they had good control over tonight's game against the Hawks. After taking a strong lead in the 3rd quarter, every time Atlanta made a run, the Knicks would extend the lead back to 7, 8 or so.

Next three home games are Lakers, Cavs and Celtics (Ouch). Hopefully they use KY before giving it to us, and the after affects don't last long.

*TrueHoop, giving us a Lesson on wearing logos. Big Michael fan gives us this, and more:

Just wanted to say I've actually got a Jordan Logo tattooed to my right shoulder. Got it in 2003 to commemorate his exit from the sport. Final exit from the sport. I know it's just a game, but there was always something valorous to me in his relentless determination.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Breakdown

*Rafer Alston has a lot to say about last night's Rockets game against the Knicks, in today's Daily Dime.. Tracy McGrady had the hot hand to start the fourth quarter, but wound up wasting away key possessions late in the game to give the victory to the Knicks. Ron Artest went a horrible 1-1o from the 3-point line, trying to create his own shots, and usually not getting the rock from good ball movement.

"They were able to capitalize off our selfishness, and we have to decide whether we're going to play one-on-one, or we're going to pass the ball to each other and play team ball."

*Want to know the best players to have for the remainder of the Fantasy BBall season? breaks it down for us, and grades each team.

*Berger makes the case for Danny Granger as an All-Star. I have to agree. According to Yahoo, in the standard 9 categories, Danny Granger is ranked 4th (!!). Only D.Wade, LeBron, and Chris Paul are ahead of him.

The case for Danny Granger as an All-Star reserve. According to Real GM (via Ballerblogger), Granger is the 22nd-ranked player in the NBA measured by the Floor Impact Counter. LeBron James is the only small forward rated higher.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday Wake N Break

*Knicks Coach Mike D'Antoni, on concealed weapons and wanting to shoot Nate Robinson.

*Staying on the Knickerbocker tip, a video of last week's win on 7 Seconds or Mess, breaking down the Sun's poor Defense and David Lee beasting them on the pick and roll repeatedly.

*TrueHoop goes on one one with newly retired Alonzo Mourning.

*Bad news for Michael Redd owners (fantasy and reality). Redd is out for the season with a tore MCL/ACL (not sure what that means, but sounds pretty bad).

*Quote of the Weekend. Shaq, on Dwight Howard:

"He's a good player, but everything he's done I've invented, so I'm not impressed," O'Neal said. "For me to get my eyes wide open about another big man, he'll have to do something that I haven't seen before or something that I haven't invented. Everything that he's done, I've invented it."

*Ball Don't Lie gives us a video of a designed double alley-oop, that worked in a game. Cute, but not very practical and the opposing team was playing zero defense (or boxing out).

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"The Rooster" and Thursday's Breakdown

*Alonzo Mourning retired from basketball today. Easy Hall of Famer, right?

“He was the very best thing that ever happened to this franchise,” said Pat Riley, sitting between Mourning and owner Micky Arison at the news conference. “He will always be respected by Micky and myself for being the taproot of a culture that we’re really proud of. He embodies that.”

Riley’s voice cracked as he finished his thought.

“We love you, Zo,” he said. “You will wear that jersey one more time— when we rip it off your back and hang it from the rafters.”

Well said...

*Everyone's about to know D. Wade has an STD. Ouch...

*Are we loving what Danilo Gallinari, aka Gallo, aka The Rooster, is bringing to the table? His been very impressive with his first few games as a Knick. Good look to my man Hayden for supplying The Rooster highlights:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Breakdown

*The 4th contestant in the 2009 NBA Dunk Contest was decided. Winner is Rudy Fernandez, who is known mostly for this dunk over Dwight Howard. Definitely the worst choice of the three. Did you see Russell Westbrook's dunk over Mario Chalmers of the Heat? Good look to my boy Barksdale on the Joe Alexander, ridiculous videos. I can't imagine Rudy Fernandez doing anything cool at all. In fact, between now and then I'm betting he bows out. He's up against Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson and Rudy Gay. Alrigghhhhtttt Rudy!!!

*From TrueHoop, NBA players on number 44.

*I'm bringing back an old Mark Cuban link, on why he voted for Obama. Great read. A wise man once said, "He's a jackass, but a very smart jackass." Proud to be an American.

"Having an elected black President will do more to energize this country than any economic or social policy ever could. In a single day of voting, our amazing country once again reinvigorated the dream that any child in this country, no matter what circumstances they are born into, can grow up to be anything they want, including President of the United States.

That dream, staying viable, being reinvigorated, will do more for this country than any economic policy or any legislation that could ever be passed....

...As any successful CEO will tell you, leadership, vision and motivation has far more impact on results than any tax cut or increase. While I prefer lower taxes, I can tell you that no entrepreneur or CEO worth a damn in this country gives up or works less because of a change in tax policy. In this country you work harder to achieve your dreams and goals."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ankle Insurance, by Kobe Bryant

Thanks to BDTG reader Gerard for this video.

Kobe Sells Ankle Insurance

Friday, January 16, 2009

A History Lesson by GAME OVER

On January 15, 1891, the 13 Rules of Basketball was first published, thus publicly creating the game that we all play. Dr. James Naismith created the game for his unruly physical education class that was stuck inside in the cold Massachusetts winter. The game originally called for nine men aside and shooting into a peach basket set 10 feet high.

The game has evolved quite a bit over the past 119 years. Unlike America's other two "popular" sports of baseball and football, this game is truly American in origin (Baseball from foundations of Rounders, and Football has beginnings of Rugby). It is arguably the second most played and watched sport in the world, behind soccer.

The game can be played anywhere and by anyone, the only required access is to a ball and a hoop. For those of us that know, an empty garbage can in the schoolyard also makes a good substitute basket. Careers of all kinds have been created and devoted to the game, from players to coaches, architects that design arenas to vendors that sell popcorn, colleges that build cash-cow programs to NCAA office pools, from television contracts that go into the billions of dollars to licensors that sell authentic uniforms to the masses. To the very existence of this web site. It can all be traced back 119 years ago this week. Thankfully Naismith was a physical education teacher and not a dance instructor.

Mark Wald, GAME OVER.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Breakdown

Damn, it must be bad to be a Wiz fan right now. Not saying I don't like how the Knicks are playing, but the Wiz lose to pretty much everyone. Nick Young is on fire (scoring more than 28 in 3 of the last 4 games, with ridiculous efficiency, better than 65% from the field). Tough Juice pitched in with 25, Antawn with 15, Mike James 4-4 from 3-point, and still wasn't enough to get the win. Chris Duhon, already leading the league in minutes played with over 39, played 41 tonight, but it was David Lee who killed it, scoring 30 points while getting 10 boards and 6 assists. Knicks 128, Wash 122.

*How do they do it? and 7 Seconds or Mess show us a great video of their new and improved defense.

*Rick Fox is obviously bored, now blogging for I don't recommend clicking on that link, it's incredibly boring. Just thought it was funny actually. Shouldn't he be on a soap opera or something?

*Mark Cuban is probably the corniest person to be around. I imagine his friends suffering, but they must befriend him since he's worth more than a billion, right? Anyway, he had a big problem with JR Smith during their last meeting with the Nuggets. Oh Mark, you're so witty.

*As predicted (well, we hoped for...), Eddy Curry may file for defamation. Better....he needs shed these allegations...

*Ball Don't Lie goes one-on-one with Tough Juice, Caron Butler.

*Contradictory from yesterday's report, the Nets won't be playing preseason games in Newark. Apparently, the MetroNetsuals are facing an identity crisis.

*Russel Westbrook is emerging as a candidate for the Rookie of the Year Award. David Thorpe has a great take on his improvement and his abnormal ability to rebound for a guard:

Westbrook is rapidly improving, and we can project him to be capable of running a terrific team one day. He also has the potential to be an All-Star. He has a long way to go as a shooter, but give credit to head coach Scott Brooks for letting Westbrook do what he does best on offense: Rebound. Westbrook reminds me of a young Dwyane Wade, relentless on the glass with his effort, long arms, great timing and big hops. He's a rebounding difference-maker, something point guards usually aren't. Teams already tweak their game plan when preparing to face him, and he just turned 20 years old.

Westbrook is basically tied with power forward Nick Collison for the team lead in offensive rebounds per game. The Thunder may sit last in the NBA standings, but they rank 11th in offensive rebound rate.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Breakdown

The biggest news of the day...Eddy Curry is being sued by his former Butler. I'm not quite sure yet if this story is unbelievable or not. I always said, just when the Knicks couldn't go any lower, they always find a way. Pretty sure this would be considered lower.

The accusations include [Rated R]:

repeatedly approached chauffeur David Kuchinsky "in the nude," saying, "Look at me, Dave, look" and, "Come and touch it, Dave."

Curry hurled slurs at him, including "f- - - ing Jew," "cracker," "white slave," "white devil" and "grandmaster of the KKK."

My question is...why hasn't Eddy Curry filed for defamation? When someone says these things about you in the public, don't you do that immediately? Until that happens, I'm going to assume it's true. I don't see why not...

*From today's ESPN Daily Dime...

"Don't you get the feeling like we've seen this movie before? We're like a writer with writer's block. We can get the first couple of chapters written fairly efficiently and fairly well, but getting to the ending -- we just can't seem to write the correct ending."

-- Wizards interim coach Ed Tapscott, whose team typed and then deleted a fourth-quarter lead for the 12th time this season.

The Wiz are 7-30. Nuff said...

*What's going on with the Nets move to Brooklyn? I specifically purchased tickets for the Nets, in preparation for the move and their inevitable sell-outs....and now they might go to Newark instead?? More about this on BergerSphere, where I've been fortunate enough to get a new nick name, "The Breakin One." Yea, I can definitely roll with that...

*10 years ago today, Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA (this was the second of three far). JA Adande shares his thoughts...

People used to ask Jordan, in all seriousness, whether he could fly. He was compared to God. When Jordan retired that day in 1999, someone went as far as to ask whether he would use his spare time to help solve the world's problems.

*Out with the old, in with the new? Not quite yet. This will mark the first time I've read an article in GQ magazine. The guys from GQ wanted to go head to head with LeBron James, and he welcomed the challenge.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Agent [Less Than] Zero, Monday Breakdown

After a recent loss, Gilbert Arenas was interviewed about his progress and if he'll see the court this season. He replies,

"I don't know. I mean, seven wins? Would you?" said the three-time All-Star, who last July signed a six-year, $111 million contract to remain in the District.

Yes Gilbert, I would play if I could. You just signed a contract for $111 Million. You play because the fans, the organization, your teammates and coaches all invested into you. I thought I was pissed about this...Breakin' reader and long-time Wiz fan James chimed in;

Simply saying that I'm mad would understate how I feel right now. No matter what happens, I will never root for him again and I hope he never plays again. Hopefully there is a way to void his contract! A disgrace to professional basketball, and he has sabotaged my team for years.

On to the Breakdown...

*The Cavs are now the best team in basketball (just don't' tell the Lakers, who post a slightly better record). King James and his Cavs reign supreme in both the and power rankings. To top it off, the numbers agree, and they're also the top spot in Hollinger's rankings.

*The Painted Area asks if LeBron James is better than Larry Bird. "Statistically, there is no question that LeBron is better at 24....[however]...It's nearly impossible to argue that LeBron is better, period, at this point simply b/c he has neither the 3 championships nor the 3 MVPs on his resume."

*In response to Steve Nash's free throw boy Dave wants to see him take on this 81-year-old who sank 2,750 (!) free throws in a row.

*There is trade chatter in the air...and it should only get louder with the Febuary 19th deadline approaching. The latest talk is that a deal is close to being finished, sending Mike Conley Jr to Milwaukee for Ramon Sessions and Joe Alexander. I think this is a horrible move, considering Mike Conley has had his chances and yet to prove himself as a solid NBA point guard. Meanwhile, Ramon Sessions is an assist machine who only gets better as he gets more playing time. Add to that the fact that it is way too early to give up on the 8th pick of the draft. Look at Toronto, they're still trying to make it work with their #1 bust, Andrea Bargnani.

*Ken Berger reports on the recent Thunder/Bobcats/Dallas talks, and why they're on hold...for now...