Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Defense Wins Championships; Tuesday Breakdown

Liked what I saw in today's Daily Dime from Coach Mike Brown. "Sometimes you have to win ugly like this, and it's good to know that you can,...I'm sure Atlanta feels like they didn't play their best. I know offensively we didn't play our best. But the way we defended tonight allowed us to make some mistakes."

Fact of the matter is, even when the shots aren't falling, you can still rely on getting stops.

Over at TrueHoop, they have similar thoughts..."You can go through nearly twenty clips of defensive possessions before witnessing a single blown rotation. Every Cavalier closes out on every shooter, and contests every shot. The Cavs move around the court mindful of every open space, chasing guys off their spots, and walling off anyone with the temerity to drive or cut to the basket. "

In other news...

*One of the big stories so far this week is Mark Cuban yelling at KMart's mom, screaming that her son is a thug, etc. etc. Well, I'm glad my man Ken Berger calls out Cuban for what he is: an idiot. How many times has this guy done something bone-headed and then issue an apology and think everything is OK?

*Practice makes perfect right? Right. Ballerblogger has some great stuff about LeBron's practice habits.

*One of the best GM's in the game, Rocket's Daryl Morey goes one on one with ESPN.

*Pretty awesome summary of Mavs/Nuggets Game 4 from SLAM Online.


Unknown said...

can u please settle this.

In last nite's celtics game, when it looked like they were supposed to cut to commercial, An announcer told Reggie Miller to look the stats up himself and he was tired of working with Pretty Boys. Marv Albert saved it by saying someone was a little sensitive and Reggie just looked shocked. Why is no one talking about this, and what actually went down!!!