Monday, March 23, 2009

NBA Strike Approaching?

For the 5 or so readers (joke) who come here often looking for updates, my sincere apologies for not blogging as frequently as I'd like. With March Madness upon us, the NBA takes a backseat to the NCAA, where my bracket has finally fallen below the average in ESPN's 6 million or so entries (although my entire South section is fully intact). We're fortunate this year to have a Cinderella story, with 12 seed Arizona making it to the sweet 16. We also see a future NBA star in the making, in Blake Griffin, as he completely dominates every game he's been in (his last game making 14 of 20 shots, finishing with 33 points and 17 rebounds). Let's just hope the god awful Wizards land the first pick in the draft.

Well, that's about it for my NCAA speak (although I'll finish with once again displaying my hatred for Duke basketball and hoping they lose).

Back to the NBA...

This weekends ESPN Daily Dime brings us a FAQ on the looming NBA lockout. With the salary cap going down, and economic struggles apparent for all NBA owners, a lockout seems inevitable. If David Stern is really going to make his mark on history, he's going to prevent this at all costs. The resolution will probably end with both sides being unhappy, and well, that means he did a good job, right? Fortunately, now more than ever, we're seeing NBA players understand their place in society, and the fact that their making enormous amounts of money while most people struggle. Unfortunately, the head of the players union takes that with a grain of salt, since his job is to get his players the best deal possible, or they walk.

Later in the weekend, David Stern did address the media to talk a bit about the future of the collective bargaining agreement, and how he plans to get it resolved sooner than later.

I'll be back in town on Wednesday. Currently enjoying the weather in sunny San Diego while I am out of town on some business, and also getting to see some family at the same time. Based on my schedule, I doubt I'll be able to blog again until Thursday or so, so I apologize in advance, and thank everyone who stops by for continuing to do so.

Next season, BDTG hopes to make it to the blogging playoffs, and get some more national exposure. But for now, we're very happy with the 6 or 7 times we've been on CBS, and the few times we've been in Newsday and our link/name being spread out throughout the blogosphere, meeting awesome basketball people from around the globe. So like any non-playoff bound team, we wanna keep practicing hard, keep improving, and next year make a big splash. That doesn't mean this season is over, in fact, we have a ton more to write about. The real March Madness is for that 8th spot in the east, and playoff position in the west.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back d miz. Always good to get a new and fresh perspective on basketball.

Unknown said...

I have been fiending for my BDTG!!!! I'm going to be in NYC in a couple of weeks, and we are going to have to talk about you constantly referencing the Wizards in a negative light! I'm diehard baby, and we go hard in DC. Pic from San D looked nice, jealous as always.

D.Miz said...

dude. I hear agent negative is playing Saturday. Playoffs baby, playoffs!!!!

Unknown said...

I will never cheer for Zero ever again!

Unknown said...

James your a turncoat...WIZ 4 LIFE SON