Thursday, May 7, 2009


What's up people. I'm getting a lot of hate mail and posts about BDTG being dead. As I mentioned in an earlier post...we just didn't quite make the playoffs this year. Next year, without a doubt, we're going to be back and better than ever. But until I quit my day job (not likely anytime soon), I must prioritize and good ole "40 games in 40 nights" has also taken it's toll. If you have something to say, write a post, send it over, and I'll put it right up!

Quick summary of where we're at right now?

Amazing stuff so far this year in the playoffs. We have LeBron and Co completely dominating almost every minute of every game against the Hawks thus far. Hawk fans rejoice; you've gotten to the second round and that'll be that. Maybe next year it'll be the ECF. Speaking of bout them Nuggets?! JR Smith is passing the ball better than I've ever seen (or thought possible). The Birdman, Anthony Carter, and JR off the bench has easily made for the best bench in the NBA Playoffs (easssssily!). The Lakers struggled in their first game of Round 2 against the Rockets, but after a crazy Game Two, with blood, sweat and tears (Scola's bullshit flopping counts for tears right?), the Lakers regained control.

Round one brought us a reedunkulous Boston/Chicago series that went to 7 games and about 25 overtimes. The Celtics are now up against a much better Magic team, who could definitely have had something special....and then you have the dumbass play of the year, with Skip to my Lou (Rafer Alston for the NY-challenged) smacking Eddie House across the back of the head, which seemed playful, but is a clear 1-game suspension. No choice; he swung at the head, and made contact: suspended.

The East is done. The Cavs will go to the Finals, and there's even a chance at this point they don't lose a game until they get there. The West, is not so set in stone anymore. Kobe and the Lakeshow were the easy favorites, but you can NOT ignore Denver any longer. They're the most exciting team in basketball, with a Finals MVP running the point, the best bench in the playoffs, a seasoned coach, and this guy Carmelo Anthony who is probably the best pure scorer in the game. Add to that their high altitude home-court advantage, and the Denver crowd being louder than this outfit, and Denver is a clear contender to the Lakers...and that's if the Lakers get past a very difficult Rockets team with not one, but two perimeter defensive specialists in Battier and Artest (one who got chopped in the face by Kobe, and one who got elbowed in the neck by Kobe....NBA, where Kobe is allowed to do whatever he wants happens...).

If i had to pick a Western winner today, I have to pick Denver. My reasoning is the hell is Aaron Brooks or Derick Fisher going to contain Chauncey "Big Shot" Billups for a series? It all starts at the point (this is why the Suns always suck), and i think a Finals MVP and Championship ring might be the deciding factor (not even Kobe has both).

So that leads us to...."the bet." A few years back, my man Doc J and I put a Benjamin on the line. I have LeBron, he's got Melo. First to get a chip wins. Go Cavs!!


wiilie said...

welcome back dmiz..
it aint the same without you..

im lovin the magic over the cavs to tell u the truth..
sorry, no one is tugging on supermans cape this year, no one!!
with lewis hot and rafer playing the control game, turg shooting three's. it magic time again in 09..

willie said...

wow, yao, ow, big cow for the rockets..

Unknown said...

Dmiz is backkkkkkkk!!!!

Great playoffs, Rockets looked great yesterday (thru 3 quarters) and another exciting one from the Celtics. Did u see Davis knock down the kid after he hit his jumper, thought that was hysterical.

Not sure if u caught this week, but outside the lines had a special on Lebron and his impact on the Cleveland area, both financially and as a source of hope. They showed these churches where they are praying to jesus that Lebron resign with the Cavs.

kamma said...

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